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    immortals fenyx rising

    Got this gifted to me over the holidays and I cant believe they got away with this, not since the days of The Simpsons: Road Rage have i seen a game so blatant in its wholesale theft of another games mechanics and ideas, this is Breath of the wild Greek mythology version and their is no getting away from that.

    But thats not a bad thing if your gonna copy someone elses homework then its the game to copy, This game has a brand new big open world to explore full of enemy's and puzzles. Small challenge runs dotted around and marked by red rifts in the ground feel like this games version of shrines these so far have featured Puzzles that have you moving boxes with telekinesis, rolling balls about to open gates, and firing arrows through lit braziers to light other braziers and open gates, so far so zelda.

    The open world feels amazingly well put together so far though none of your open spaces full of atmospheric nothingness here. their is architecture to explore giant statues to climb and amphitheaters with mythical monsters to slay and your always rewarded for dong so. its a joy to explore because it all looks so nice and is crafted so well. If you can get over the de-ja-vu and fancy a Zelda game with Fable style humor then theirs a lot of game here to like.

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    I nearly bought this one a few weeks back as it has crashed in price (it was approx 60% off) but I am hearing that UPlay+ or whatever it's called might be the next big thing to get added to Game Pass and chances are this game is either going to be free or close to it in a couple of months.

    I've heard good things about it though, even though it is clearly borrowing ideas...

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    I managed to get this on PS5 shortly after launch for 40 through an eBay deal and have played about 5 hours so far.

    It's great. Yes it looks stylistically like BOTW but it's a well paced, nicely put together game.

    It's also incredibly funny.

    Now I've finished Miles Morales this is going to be the next thin I look to finish.

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    I'm really liking the humor that's present throughout, the stoned clueless oracle near the start of the game was very Monty Python-esk, The narration by Zeus and Prometheus is interesting and funny throughout too.

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    Yes my partner got me this for Christmas along with a few other gaming bits. Really like the look of it on the PS5 and definitely more than a whiff of BOTW but that’s a bonus

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    finished the first full area and so far I'm still enjoying it, its real sunshine gaming the island im on is all blue skys rolling green hills and amazing looking beaches. there is a crazy amount to do and most of it is pretty rewarding too but i don't know if i will keep up exploring as much over the next 4 areas as i spent 10 hours in this area allready and haven't done everything .

    The level of love and attention they have given this world and the underlying mechanics is really special take the Armour you acquire its level independent to your stats so you can switch out and use the set that most fits where you are. Their are sets based on parrying, sets built around air combos and juggling enemy's and a set that dose extra damage against named enemy's so it seems they really want you to change what your using and not leave anything behind.

    The combat has been great fun so far too, they could of put a really basic combat in and aimed it at the younger market but its really nicely tuned and their are enemy's like zeldas Lynals that can burn through your health very quickly if your sloppy. The dodge and parrying are very generous and you need to use these or you will just burn through health potions. Take the Harpy's they do a dive bomb that needs dodging but do a ranged attack that you can parry back at them for big damage so its good to mix things up. Their is a robust combo system based around light and heavy attacks and a power up tree that lets you unlock new ability's and skills. on top of all this is stun meter that builds with heavy attacks if you do enough damage with heavy hits you can knock out an enemy temporarily, making a perfect opportunity to heal or just wail on them and get a ton of damage in.

    its a real hidden gem which i don't think some reviewers gave enough time too, i myself was ready to write it off as a zelda clone and while it borrows a lot of stuff it adds enough of its own to make it a very enjoyable experience.
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    Bump. I picked this up n the strength of the comments here and I am very glad that I did. I tried AC: Valhalla and gave up after two hours, I thought it was buggy and boring.

    So I had low expectations (poor old Ubisoft...) but, instantly you can tell, this is a better game, a good game!

    As has been said, it is clearly based on a (strong) template, but I can't think of anyone else who has managed to pull off anything close to BotW so good for the team who managed this. It feels snappy, colourful, enthusiastic and fun. Get's right into it and has a lot of systems to get into. Tons of side objectives that take the BotW "little challenges" and put their own spin on them. I'm about 5 hours in and I will certainly finish this, really enjoying it. Might even go for a Platinum, we'll see how long it can hold the attention without getting monotonous.

    Well worth checking out, the best of Ubisofts efforts in a long time I think.

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    I got the platinum for this as i was so close by the end i thought it would be rude not too, it dose a good job of keeping things fresh my only complaint by the end of it is that some of the sub dungeon domain things can be a bit long winded , i still finished them all though .

    I've not gone back to do the dlc but its on my radar, its more than i paid for the full game so might wait till its on sale though.

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    This is only 23 delivered from Amazon right now so have taken a punt on it.

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    I think it is a no brainer at that price. Easy going game, light challenge and very breezy.

    I think it is best enjoyed in bite sized chunks as there is *too much* game but it remains enjoyable at the moment.


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