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    Monster Hunter World

    I've taking up the bagpipes , didn't realise different weapons will give me different songs... when to use the much stronger Bone pipe and i lost defense, HP and speed movement songs(and got bunch of ones i have no idea what they do but look related to bugs and eviro effects), went back to Iron Pipe and upgraded it to lvl2. Solo'd mission 1 and 2, will probably look to start teaming up with randoms and PSN group.

    Made my dude look like veteran of the hunt, grey, wrinkled and missing an eye with a scar across it... i spent far to long in the editor, however it he really doesn't fit the narrative of the story so it's making my laugh at this old man acting like a teen.

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    Yowza, loving it!

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    Is everyone going with the PS4 version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    Is everyone going with the PS4 version?
    DJ Tickle is going One.
    Xbox Live - tickle360

    Everyone else is PS4 thus far.

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    Please finish my statement for me...

    If my copy of Monster Hunter World is not at my house when I gets home I will __________

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    ...become a monster myself.

    Games Radar review:
    5 OUT OF 5
    A triumph for the series and one of this generation's greatest games yet. Monster Hunter World takes the beating heart of a vital, niche franchise and elevates it toward universal appeal.

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    Some weapon suggestions. I've enjoyed the ranged weapons, but may try the Longsword:

    Long Sword - for the buff-happy and combo-heavy hunter

    The Long Sword is Monster Hunter World's weapon of choice for those who want a fast weapon that has some really impressive combos, but you need to keep in mind that without using its combos the damage output leaves something to be desired. The combos add buffs to the weapon to make it more powerful, and it's the combination of those buffs and lengthy combos that allow you to dish out real damage.
    This strength-buffing power is known as the Spirit Blade in the world of Monster Hunter, and you'll want to learn well and use them often while using the mobility to dodge heavy-hitting enemy attacks.
    Long Sword in Brief:

    • A good balance of damage, mobility and speed
    • Decent range on your attacks
    • Proper use of the Spirit Blade can make you much more powerful the longer a fight runs
    • No block ability - dodge only
    • Its attacks are inaccurate and sweeping in nature

    Long Sword Controls / Moves:

    • Triangle = Overhead Slash
    • Circle = Thrust
    • Triangle + Circle = Fade Slash
    • Circle + R2 = Foresight Slash
    • R2 = Spirit Blade (Drains Spirit Gauge)

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    Flashy and you can infinitely combo, but offers no defense of any sort, so you need better timing and to know when to get the hell out of the way.

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