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    America IV: Senate-izer
    Four threads for four years of misery. Here we are on the dawn if a new era and Trump looks set to bow out as graciously as the rest of his term unfolded as he admonishes himself of any responsibility for last weeks events in DC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    I assume it mostly rests on intepretation too. As in by 'the people' it means other parties outside of government so as to stop the risk of a dictatorship. It doesn't necessarily mean literally every person as that implies zero gun control which they don't have.
    The definition of "The people" is not consistent, in fact the Harvard Law Review notes that "The People" can be interpreted differently for different amendments, such that the first amendment protects "all persons legally within borders", but "The People" would exclude convicted felons in the Second Amendment.

    Isn't constitutional law fun?

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    Would love to see him walk (or be dragged) early... We've waited 4 years for it.

    I'm hoping the inauguration is a) huge, the biggest we've ever seen with aerial photos from space because the numbers are so huge... and, b) it goes without a hitch because let's face it after last week's visit to the capitol anything could happen.

    I doubt it'll be a big occasion given the security required but we will see.

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    With covid and all it should be like a sporting event. Closed doors and no fans.

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    Apparently Biden has instructed people not to attend the inauguration so it'll likely be a very small affair, taking the stance that thousands of people together during a pandemic and when his predecessor is trying to incite violence might be a bad idea... Trump's probably really struggling to wrap his head around that one

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    Trump has succeeded in his effort to allow the first female inmate execution in nearly 70 years.
    The 25th Amendment push has been dismissed paving the way for Trump's Second Impeachment to proceed

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    They won’t have the nerve to actually drag Trumple from office, all bluster and talk, what a waste of everyones time.

    Likewise when he leaves office, if he does, nothing will happen after, no prosecution, no investigations, nothing.

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    This is now all about blocking him from running again in future, not that it will matter as the non-political court cases are piling up and ready to grab him in a weeks time and most of his finances and businesses will be gone by 2024 as well

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    I expect all the social media bans to last about a month max before hes back in and doing the same thing over and over.

    Honestly he just needs pushing in front of a car, off a bridge, and being done with it, do the whole of humanity a favour.


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