Hi all,

So I'm clearing out the majority of my blu-rays I've collected over the years. I've tended to only buy steelbooks or sought after editions. I will be adding more pictures over the next couple of days, I have started with the Disney sets as figure they are always fairly popular.

Unless noted everything is new, mint or excellent condition.

I only bought steelbooks that were new or shrinkwrapped. They all include packaging materials and j-cards if they were included originally. For Disney’s I even have the promo j-cards included as can be seen in the pics.

Please note (A) or (B) will be noted after the title to indicate region. I will prioritise those who are interested in bundles. I won't be shipping any orders less than £40 individually as it won't be worth the multiple postage costs and trips what with lockdown 3.0 at present. However, I'll be chucking some free movies in to those who want them as a result. All prices are negotiable and in some cases may be a ways out.


Steelbooks (Region A and B)
-Vengeance Trilogy Steel Tin (Old Boy, Sympathy For Mr Vengeance, Lady Vengeance) £50 Bestbuy exclusive in Canada I believe. At the time these contained the best transfers of the films and were released by Pallisades/Tartan.

Scream Factory John Carpenters
-The Fog (A) £30 (new & sealed) Scream Factory
-Escape From New York (A) £30(opened, played once, but shrink wrap still holding on!) Scream Factory
-They Live (A) £30 (new & sealed) Scream Factory

-Dead Man £20 (new & sealed)
- Groundhog Day £15 (new & sealed)
-Metropolis (B) £30 (original horizontal UK release) (new, shrink wrapped - minor tear in shrink wrap across the centre but steelbook is mint and new)
-Signs (B)(new & sealed) £20
-They Live (B) (Studio Canal 1st release red cover/Piper sunglasses) (new & sealed) £20
-The Warriors (B) (new & sealed) £40 (has two blutack marks on the j-card under the wrap, it came like this from new and seems common as had another with the same mark, obviously doesn’t affect the steelbook itself)
-Zombieland £15 (new & sealed)

Criterion (Region A)
-Don’t Look Now (new & sealed) £25
-Hoops Dreams (new & sealed) £25
-The Night of the Hunter (open but with s/warp on) – original card soft cover not plastic reissue £25

Disney Steelbooks (Region A and B)
-Lion King (A)(Best Buy Iron Pack exclusive) includes the UK Diamond Edition Discs and case which includes the 3D Blu-ray £40
-Lion King (B) (Zavvi) Lenticular (new & sealed) £15
-Up (A)(Best Buy exclusive) – big steel book £40
-A Bug’s Life (A) (Best Buy exclusive) £40
-A Bug’s Life (B) (Zavvi) (new & sealed) £30
-Ratatouille (A) (Best Buy exclusive) £45
-Finding Nemo (A) (Best Buy exclusive – new & sealed)
-Finding Dory (A) (Kimchi Release?) (new & sealed) includes PET slipcover £25 (new & sealed) I think this is the Kimchi or Blufans release, but looks a little different.
-Wall-E (A) (Best Buy exclusive) £40

Studio Ghibli (Region B)
Grave of the Fireflies (B) £35 (new & sealed)
The Cat Returns (B) £25 (new & sealed)
The Red Turtle (B) £15 (new & sealed)

Non-Steelbook Special Editions
Society (Arrow Limited Edition) inc. comic book. (open with shrink wrap, watched once) (B)£70

One free with any purchase £40 or over:
Ghostbusters (US release but region free with slip cover)
Ghostbuster Double pack (UK with slip cover)
Titanic (UK with slip cover)
Blues Brothers (UK with slip cover)
I'll also dig some more stuff out as well.

I’ve also got some more standard steelbooks I’ll be listing like Withnail and I, Total Recall and a few more, happy to chuck these in as freebies for those who are interested in a few.

These are listed on more than one forum. Cheers.