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    Bezier: Second Edition (Switch)

    I downloaded this today after reading a decent Eurogamer Review. Its like Geometry Wars and Tempest 2000 has bred & had a baby. I managed to get to the end on Easy & will now tackle Medium. Recommended!

    Currently 4.99 in the e-shop now (75% off). Price goes up to 19.99 from 27th Jan.

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    Ah, I've been waiting for this but didn't realise it was out now! Definitely grabbing at that price, cheers!

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    Had a few cracks at it last night; I think I finished it on easy too, but unfortunately it crashed out entirely after I beat what I assume was the last boss (I had the Switch on standby for a few hours in the middle of the session, which I know sometimes causes problems).

    I like it; the inclusion of story, a deliberately very dramatic score, and a whole bunch of mechanics to pay attention to makes it really stand out. It feels a lot less arcade-y than Geometry Wars, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


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