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    Astro's Playroom

    I held off playing this because it's always going to be there but ended up playing it the most because firstly it didn't require ages to install and secondly because it's awesome. From the outset I can't compare it to the original VR game having not played that one but from this brief title it's clear that Sony has a team that gets platformers. The game is decent looking, clean and bright and it's nice to see Sony has reached a point where it can be playful with it's own history.

    So far it's easily the title to make the most use of the system and controllers abilities and though it's clearly very short I can easily imagine myself playing it to as high a completion level as I can in time. I've completed the SSD level with a good level of items found and am now on one that seems more PS1-ish in reference.

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    I've not played this game, but I'll take this opportunity to say Astro Bot on PSVR is one of the best games I've ever played.

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    It's a really fun game. Plenty of replayability, I've missed loads already.
    The controller really shines.

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    Loving this, played around 45 minutes so far and it's great fun, Makes good use of the controller. I hadn't read much about it before hand and sort of thought it would be an extended tech demo for haptic feedback, but do you know what, it's so much more than that!

    Plenty to do and discover and a real challenge in a few places, think DK Country i.e one wrong move and you are toast!

    If you haven't played it give it a go.

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    Fab showcase for the controller ... especially love the feel of those triggers when they're firing the jets. Great fun and a sweet nostalgia-fest too. What a way to welcome players to the new console

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    I really, really enjoyed that. Absolutely fantastic.

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    I am absolutely loving the past game references, brought a big smile to my face to see the rabbit robot from Jumping Flash and also great sadness to see Sony acknowledge Ridge Racer more than Namco does.

    I'm pretty much through the second area based on PS1 now, if only PSVR had more coming out I'd easily be swayed to get one back again to play the other game

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    Credit to Asobi , it is an utter joy to experience . The controller feedback is a new dimension , the references to other games ( the metal gear one made me proper laugh ) . I was madly in love with the psvr game and this one is right up there with it , an all round 10/10 for me


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