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Thread: Hitman III

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    Hitman III

    This year is already beginning to look like being a year of slow burn games for me to play through with several looking to take months to chip at rather than be the kind of thing you blitz and this is no different. I've installed Hitman, Hitman II, Hitman III PS4 and Hitman III PS5 filling my system with the most comprehensive Hitman experience possible. Straight away, assuming your importing the prior games into the UI, you tackle the registration process to get the games to register but once done the game dives in to the third chapter assuming you're already well versed with the prior installments. Back out to the menu and you can select from any of the trilogies missions and bonus missions assuming you've bought the relevant content. My intention is to play through Hitman III's missions on PS5, pretty much using the game as a dry run to simply experience the story and get a lay of the land. Once complete I will switch over to the PS4 version where the bells and whistles are dialled down but the entire trilogy can be played through in VR.

    Another reason this entry has attracted me more than the second did at the time is that IOI has promoted it as the last in the trilogy. I think that's a good move, immediately you're hit by how this continues to feel exactly like a DLC bundle for the first game, so little has changed over the years. But, that's why being able to turn all three entries into one title is good as even though many aspects are dated about the game it remains the most expansive and best ways to play the series for now. I barely worked through the Dubai level, performing really well until the second kill where as usual one small slip up sends the game into combat mode where Agent 47 still flails. The experience is smooth though, the PS5 version not being much of an advancement on the PS4 one meaning it runs buttery. This should be a long and enjoyable game to pick at.

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    I'm enjoying this, my first foray into the series. Playing pro (mid option??) with the clues at a minimum and the game asks you to apply real-world observation, patience and planning ... while keeping it fun too, it's not too stuffy. But the patience and planning feels rewarding when something comes off flawessly.

    The first level was nice and busy and good to get started with, but the following Dartmoor mansion mission was more involving and fun to wallow in for a few hours. The twisty-turny unfolding of different threads and opportunities was great ... as was the satisfaction of the kill.

    Only gripe is it feels like another game with broken HDR. The Dubai level wasn't so bad as it's really bright, but the Dartmoor mansion, especially the interiors, felt washed out when the colours should have been dark and rich. Bit disappointing as the HDR in 1 & 2 is supposed to be brilliant. Not going to drop a ton of cash on those yet though as they ain't cheap additions via the PS Store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    Shame no PC VR at launch
    You can thank Epic for that. Still, 2022 isn't that far away, if indeed IO can be bothered by then.
    Last edited by MartyG; 29-01-2021 at 09:53 AM.

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    Picked up Hitman 3 and found I already owned Hitman 1 somehow, maybe it was on PS+ at some point so I thought why not, I'll buy Hitman 2 as well! I'm having a lot of fun playing through just the first 2 levels, Paris and some place in Italy (H1 levels), and there are so many cool things to do. Having all 3 games in one package is an overwhelming amount of content if anyone is going into this new like myself. Spent about 3 hours playing in VR and the headset discomfort really set in, woke up the next day with neck muscle aches #old, but it was super cool. Some issues using the PS4 controller as your hand though. To put an item away you have to bring your hand to your chest and "deposit" it there, but I found it often wanted me to bring my hand in to where my actual chest was irl so it was physically impossible for me to move the dualshock further that way. This popped up a few times. You also aim your gun with the controller and it's not always easy. Aim is all over the place unless you line up the weapon sites, but some guns have better sites than others. On the Italian level, I hid in a box and waited for one of my targets to enter the room. When her back was turned to me, I climbed out and put the gun to the back of her head and shot her with the silenced pistol. So f'in cool! Looking forward to doing more of the story missions and escalations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    Picked up Hitman 3 and found I already owned Hitman 1 somehow, maybe it was on PS+ at some point
    Top tip! Just checked my library and it was there

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartyG View Post
    You can thank Epic for that. Still, 2022 isn't that far away, if indeed IO can be bothered by then.
    Why have Epic stopped it supporting VR? That makes no sense.

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    Because VR support on Epic Store is patchy - it rarely works out the box as it doesn't have the same native SteamVR that makes VR games on Steam straight forward, and as you are limiting your reach by making yourself Epic exclusive (no Steam, no Oculus store), it factors into the cost benefit for IO. They're also struggling to import progress from HM/HM2 on Steam into HM3 (though I don't doubt they'll eventually solve this), so PCVR support was never going to be a priority for the PC version.

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    Ok, but SteamVR is just an API. A game doesn't need to be on Steam to have Steam VR support. Well, whatever. It's the one thing that could have persuaded me to install Epic Store. I mean, I'll literally wait to buy it on Steam if that means I get VR.


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