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    WTB: Retrogamer Magazine collection

    Anyone got these in a loft and want to shift them?

    Ideally a complete or near complete collection.

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    Got about 30-50 of em in shelves and the loft. Where are you in the UK?

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    I've got a full set up to the current issue, some (if not all) of the CDs from the early issues, couple of the binders too.
    Def. need collecting though.
    I'd consider a decent offer, if only to make a bit of room!

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    I'm based in Wembley @Budge74

    I think this is exactly what my friend is looking for (full set).

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    Have everything from issue #1 to current, including all CDs too. Some binders. Was thinking about letting them go. What sort of price is your friend possibly offering?
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