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Thread: Huntdown.

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    Tried to find the thread I started on this way, way, way back when it was announced, but it's obviously been another forum casualty.

    Only found out it had actually finally been released as @CMcK posted about it earlier today (thanks for that!), and I couldn't ditch what I was supposed to be doing quickly enough to get it downloaded!

    Since I can't update my old thread I might as well start one in here as I've played through the first two areas. First up I think it's absolutely brilliant looking in true 16-Bit era style, there's so much visually in here that I think @Dogg Thang would if nothing else enjoy just staring at it.

    Once I got used to the fact that I had to be more tactical with weapons it really clicked, I'd went for the gung-ho approach to start with and got a bit of an arse kicking. Gameplay isn't overly complicated, there's a bit of cover mechanic to try and get some reprieve from the onslaught but it's pretty much just kill, kill, kill with a variety of guns and melee weaponry. Each stage has several bounties you have to take down from each gang, with the last being the gang leader, and some of them have been great so far. Tons of 80's action movie style one liners in there for the chuckles, the audio in general is great all round.

    Will hopefully manage to get some proper time on it after I close the shop tomorrow night and properly add something to this, but so far I think it's great. My only slight criticism so far is I'd like the sections between the bounties to be a bit longer, as even though the boss fights have been fun, I'm finding the main platform mayhem sections more entertaining.

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    I had a quick play on this earlier and and fears of it being all style and no substance disappeared straight away. It's wonderful. Loads of fun to play and style oozing from everywhere. You can see why it's taken so long to come out ... it's been made with tons of love and attention to detail.

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    Awesome, isn't it mate? Didn't have time to get back on it last night, but looking forward to playing more of it!

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    I'm just a little way into the second area with the hockey hooligans and trying to savour it ... getting all the secret cases and extra bounties but perhaps leaving the third achievement of doing it without dying until a second play-through. There's honestly nothing I'd change about it so far. It looks and sounds brilliant and best of all there's a satisfying, fun and tactical game in there. The references to the films and stuff is all icing and cherries on top.

    So far very little to dislike about the whole package. That might change as I get deeper but right now I couldn't have asked for a better first impression.

    First Streets of Rage 4 and now this ... what a couple of gems. They might go about their tasks differently but they both achieve very similar goals.

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    Ahhhh. Get higher, baby!
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    I know I have a switch but I would have liked this on the Vita!

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    Ahhhh. Get higher, baby!
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    Gamertag: Paleboy PSN ID: paleboy1970 Steam ID: paleboy
    Okay bought this, just cleared Bad Boy Bob. Loving it.

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    Yeah, just got another session on this, it is ****ing brilliant. Love it!

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    Me too. Just beat Unholy Goalie. Love everything about this game.

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    I’m not that far ahead of you, I’m in area four. It just keeps getting better and better so far. If this had came out in the era it replicates so we’ll I’d have lost my mind. In fact my wife thinks I’m losing my mind now with all the shouting I’m doing on some of the bounties.

    And it's bloody gorgeous!

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