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    [NSW] Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise

    I should write my closing thoughts on Panzer Paladin by can't seem to come uop with anything decent, so let's dive into Deadly Premonition 2.

    I've only played a couple of hours and I won't spoil them: let's just say it's delightfully Deadly-Premonitionly, with weird characters, even weirder dialogues, janky controls, and terrible framerate.
    You can't really escape from it, DP2 runs horribly. Inside buildings the framerate varies wildly between 20-or-so FPS and slightly below 10, depending on the complexity of the scene. Outside, while going around the city of Le Carré, framerate dips to new lows, with aggressive pop-ins and 2D elements replaced with 3D models when really close to York; shadows are there, but not all of the time, and the clouds on the skybox are a mass of badly-defined pixels. But then again, while gazing at the skybox, I discovered two UFOs hauling wooden boxes around. DP2 reminds me of D4 in lighting, user interface, and overall style, and it's like that game's engine forced to run on a Switch and manage an open world with very little or no optimization. There's a lot of stutter, too: after getting a gun, I was asked to shoot five wooden boxes: after shooting the gun, the game froze for a second, possibly to load the box's destruction animation. Loading times are longish, and before the load is complete, any animation on screen freezes, and every time I fear the game has locked up.
    Another, minor, thing, some subtitles are out of synch with the dialogue. Voices are exactly what you'd expect from a Swery game: York is still York, and the voice actor almost revels in his performance. The rest of the cast sounds...well, Deadly-Premonitioly as well, and fit perfectly in the game.

    The first two hours are somewhat linear, and are used to introduce characters and plotline. It's nice to bask again is DP's weirdness, and I could go on describing some of the best things happening, but it would be a disservice to anyone wanting to play it. Yes, it's the first two hours, but these two hours are a great introduction to the game.
    As for mechanics themselves, I think movement and aiming are better than DP1, and the overall pacing is much quicker, with a lot of unnecessary fluff cut for good measure. Unfortunately a lot of flavour text and secondary interactions have been cut as well.

    I'd say that right now DP2 feels exactly like how a DP game should feel like, which is a good thing.

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    Cheers for this. Do you think the overall structure will be similar? Openish world etc?

    Any chance of a review for the site when done?

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    The structure is the same: a city acting as overworld, with locations available depending on the time of the day. It's DP thru and thru, only in a different city. Maybe less Twin Peaks references, but let's see about that :P

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    It's insane this is out and I've yet to start it, still waiting for some performance patches in hopes of playing it in a bit of a better state

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    The recent patch improves the framerate a bit. It also helps to close the game every 2 hours and restart it. Seems like the game may be bad at garbage collection in the background and slows down over time.

    The game is a technical mess but it really isn't bothering me. I'm not saying releasing a game in this state is ok but I'm so absorbed by it that it isn't really affecting my enjoyment.

    The first game was a labour of love made over about 7 years so there were lots of small touches, depth to the town and quirky little features that aren't in this. It's on a new engine (Unity, which is a very poor choice for an open world game) and everything has been built from scratch so the game is missing lots of the little audio cues, animations, interesting side quests, world building etc of the first. This feels a bit like a proof of concept compared to the first game.

    All fo that said, I've played 36 hours so far and I've just hit what I think is the halfway point. I'm absolutely in love with the game. It isn't as charming or as good as the first game but it is so far my GOTY 2020. It's weird and obtuse and broken and lacking but York is still York and it's nice to be back in a weird budget mystery game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopemon View Post
    All fo that said, I've played 36 hours so far and I've just hit what I think is the halfway point.
    Woah - are you going hard on the side quests? That seems long.

    I got this at launch but will admit that I'm holding back a bit to see what happens re: patching. I understand the patch so far was primarily to address some poorly-executed story elements surrounding a trans character, and there are some vague commitments to address overall performance in later ones. I enjoyed DP1 a lot, and I expect a certain level of jank, but I know a lot of people in a similar position who are still finding the current performance to be pretty miserable.

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    PC version when?

    DP1 was my 27 out of 8 Game of the Lifetime.

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    I actually think the game clock might be lying. I had some weird save game disappearances last night and I don't think the clock is accurate. It doesn't feel like I've played that much.

    I played through the trans bit that was patched last night and it's a bizarre bit that people got hung up on. The complaints were that York dead names and misgenders the character. Two lines at the end of the chapter have been rewritten to stop him doing that

    but the character dead names herself and and discusses her past as a different gender herself. That character is obsessed with her past and won't let go of it. Not just her gender but all aspects of her past. So before the patch, York just follows her cue and refers to her in the same way that she did when talking to him. I'm a cis guy so my opinion isn't as important as a trans person's on this, but York was not being nasty or intentional with the language he used, he just copied how the woman talked about herself.

    i am absolutely in support of trans rights and am disgusted by transphobia but in context, this didn't seem as problematic as people were making it out to be. Again though, I'm a cis guy so I have a very different take on it than a trans person.

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    Hearing that the latest patch has made a pretty big (positive!) difference to the frame rate of the open world bits.

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    PLEASE say this is gonna come out on Xbox One???!!!

    I *would* get a Switch to play it on but I don't really wanna buy a Switch at all.

    But if I have to, then I'll have to!!!


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