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    Super Mario: Bowser's Fury

    So, it's finally time to try some new Mario content with the rest of the cartridge dedicated to an eight year old entry which already has its own thread. Bowser's Fury in my head is like Nintendo dabbling with the short form model of Astro's Playroom but the main thing of note from what I've played so far is that this isn't anywhere near as experimental as the trailer first gave the impression of being.

    It's Mario, pretty much distilled, each lighthouse objective strings to the next and it's broadly one decent sized open level with the main difference from normal being Bowser. His arrival and attacks are easy to miss and don't massively change things so far bar being the boss and being able to break some blocks. It's decent fun though, a nice addition even if it's pretty straight forward stuff.

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    I’m interested in the multi-player co-op on this, as I predominantly use the Switch as a multiplayer gaming platform. Do you know if the Bowsers Fury part of the game is Co-op at all? Or is multi-player only reserved for the older game side of things?


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    Another player can use a joy-con to control Bowser Jr, there are some spots he can release power ups from and can attack enemies too. Otherwise the game auto controls him

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    I wanna know where you order to get on a Thursday without the eye of Shigeru watching?

    Unless you work at Game or something.

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    I think Digital Foundry sum up Bowser's Fury perfectly: It looks, to all intents and purposes, like a proof-of-concept for giving 3D Mario a Breath of the Wild-style makeover in that there is just one complete world with all the "sandboxes" in it and readily accessible with no transitions ie. paintings or Odyssey Airship, etc.

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    If you subtract the Wii U content (already own it), is it worth buying?

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    I find ShopTo and SimplyGames are best for getting games to you a day or so early, it's patchy but they tend to ship pretty much as stock comes in.

    With this I'd say DF is a little off in their judgment, unless the backend of it surprises this 'level' isn't much different in scope than a typical open Mario 3D level. It's good stuff but it's DLC stuff through and through, 3D World is very much the focus of the content, 2-3hrs tops and Fury will be clocked.

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    Hopefully some people are up for some online sessions on this as i might as well use my online account for something.

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    Here's a Game Maker's Toolkit gush over the level design:

    This game contains probably the best Mario stages ever created, IMO. It's just so consistent throughout.

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    I'm now around 43 shines into Bowsers Fury and only have one little part of the map left to open, effectively I'm on clean up with 60 shines left to get to 100% but probably around 15 more to end the main game. Getting further into it I can see why Nintendo made this, it's an idea that works more and more as you open up the field and have to engage the Bowser attacks rather than avoid them. However it wouldn't sustain an entire game as a concept either. Traversal is never tiresome but does extend what are very simple paltforming tasks keeping this breezy and fun.

    It'd probably be easy to put together a second level for this and knock out to market Super Mario Galaxy 2 + Bowser's Fury 2...


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