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    That's my wording By Mario 3D level I meant by comparison to the other 3D Mario titles not Mario 3D World itself which like you say is much more linear and 2D like in design. The game definitely won me over more as it went on but the wide traversal definitely fleshes it out a lot. Bring the islands closer together and its more like one level in size as each are quite easy and short.

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    Gotta be honest...first battle with Fury Bowser in (a week ago) and I'm struggling to care about finishing this. It just looks and plays like a really shoddy draft project 3D Mario.

    Feeling like I would rather hit up Odyssey again (if only there were DLC!) or even SM3DAS instead.

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    @Nu-Eclipse: pretty much my experience with the Bowser’s Fury part. I really enjoyed revisiting 3D World (though not enough to 100% it), but Bowser’s Fury left me cold. I played it for 3-4 hours and got... bored.

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    I enjoyed Bowser's Fury. It wasn't as polished or rewarding as Super Mario 3D World, and it could have been longer and tougher, but I liked the open nature to the gameplay and Mario Sunshine kinda vibe. It was a nice cherry on the cake.

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    The kids have been playing 3D World again on the WiiU and I tell you, it's impossible to go back to that version after the speed increase on Switch

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    Finally got round to giving Bowser's Fury a go. The open world works well. I'm enjoying hopping around the islands to see how I can progress. It's a well judged addition to 3D World which I always loved and am looking forward to replaying that too. I can't see Odyssey ever being bettered but this is still top drawer.

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    As a proof of concept it is absolutely brilliant. I think the full game will be more like Zelda BOTW in execution as to how different levels and environments are incorporated.


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