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    Made it to citadel approach but i'm giving it a break now before i go crazy, doppleganger plus crossbow is invaluable for making quick work of everything but those damn bees appearing just as your furthest away from them. The amount of times i have gone on a suicide mission to fling myself towards one just so i can get it as if you die and continue you'll keep that one you got despite getting creamed by the undead. Need to get that tree maxed out, it's a fun modifier having abilities it gives each level a bit of strategy on what you are going to equip when tackling it.

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    Picked this up yesterday, just completed the second stage on Knight difficulty (choosing the Ghouls n Ghosts inspired route) and really enjoying it!

    It's certainly not an easy game, but once you figure out the best strategies it isn't crazy difficult either. Like the originals, sometimes you just need a little patience!

    I re-played the first stage a few times and after an embarrassingly high double-figure death toll on my first run, I got it down to just 3 by my fourth go.

    My only one criticism is that it seems a bit bare bones. I'd like an arcade mode with an online high score table where you can ultimately go for one credit runs, like the originals. Or at the very least some kind of in-game incentive to go back and get good at the stages, some reward for no death runs etc.

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    Been putting more time into this one this evening, decided to start a new save file & see if i could actually do legend difficulty, i have discovered that there seems to be a trick to getting through although i only have seen it on the first graveyard stage and i haven't cleared that yet on legend, the trick it's knowing when to stay put and chop down the waves and when to move on. It seems chaotic at first but the more i fail the more i'm actually starting to see there's actually a pattern. In stage one of the graveyard for example when you get the purple flash ambush screen with the first wave of zombies rise up together & all attack you at once if you always take out the ones to the right first it gives you enough time to then turn around and get the ones coming on the left each time you get to that part they always appear in that order. It's stuff like that, the game tries to trick you many times by making you think you have to rush where if you take your time at certain spots you can see what to hit first. Always keeping an eye on all the enemies on the order they appear is also vital as those are the ones that will usually attack first like the crows but also for the zombies especially ones that try to appear underneath you to catch you out, they move so fast that you can get hit easy but by making space you can manouver away from them as they surface.

    So far in the handful of times since i started doing it this way i'm already about halfway through the first stage up to the point where you jump on the floating piece of wood to get across the pond just after the red arremer makes his starring debut. Curious to see if this strategy will work through the other stages, the game is brutal though but totally fair too. While the style put me off at the beginning i finally get what capcom was going for as it's supposed to be like a storybook come to life telling the tale of Arthur hence the paper cutout style animation and hand drawn look, it's actually grown on me a lot.

    Been quite a while since i have had such a tough platforming challenge. Makes the snes one feel pretty easy in comparison managed to complete that one fully quite a few times over the years.

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    Watched the DF video on this a few days ago, finding myself increasingly wanting a copy of this and also finding myself increasingly p1ssed that Capcom didn't give this the physical treatment like they did with Mega Man 11.

    Oh well. Looks like I'll have to wait for a discount sale.
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    Finally kicked lucifers ass now onto the 2nd loop and the evil surprise it unleashes, need to start going back and getting more of those damn umbral bees i missed as i want that resurrection II as one saved my ass more times than i can count. in the meantime doppleganger II is very handy especially on bosses and combined with the one that lets you carry 2 weapons it's becoming a lot more manageable. Discovered some glitch that if you time switching the weapon just as you activate doppleganger you can have your clone use the other weapon so you can be firing 2 different weapons at once instead of both using the same. Still can't replicate it all the time but it's definitely down to releasing the spell and switching within in a certain timeframe.

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    Nice going @importaku
    I bought the game yesterday and although my history with the series is patchy at best I really like it. It's beautifully made and also well balanced so as not to annoy hardcore fans or put off casuals (like me). I'm playing on 'Squire' setting and it's just about fair enough for me to keep having that one more go, which is essential if i'm going to spend more than a honeymoon weekend with the game.
    Looking forward to upgrading the skill/magic tree further in order to make the forthcoming challenges slightly more manageable.
    But the best thing I can say is it's fun to play and puts a smile on my face, even when I'm taking my 10th go at a boss.
    Like SoR4 this is a modern update done really well. Early days but hard to fault so far.

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    Absolutely brilliant game. Decided to pick it up after watching peeps get their ass kicked. First time through any stage (on Legend) everything seems so random but it is not at all. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day after every death. Having fun trying new things and admiring the level design and how enemies spawn in and do subtle things that get you killed. Masochistic? Maybe, I doubt this kind of game loop is for everyone, but there are easier difficulties. One time, on level 2-2 (the level with the bouncy fire fox's) I picked up the Torch weapon and it made the level incredibly hard to finish and gave me next to no way of farming pot enemies for a new weapon, I had to restart the map. Other than that frustration, the game has been a thrill, great feeling beating a stage. Game is a "Nice catch"

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    I discovered that the game is pure evil i was looking at the challenges and there's one for playing a level with the time metronome on i had a look and it only had the ability to slow the speed of the game down but after completing the game there's now options for making it faster. There's fast & even faster still on the dial.

    Lol what the hell, i'd love to see someone complete legendary using the metronome set at full speed. Is regular legendary not enough for Capcom that they had the audacity to make it faster too EEEEEvil

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    Being widely reported that this is going to go multi-format instead of being Switch-exclusive as was originally intended.

    Would be nice if Capcom would release physical versions in line with that, but feel free to call me The King of Wishful Thinking.


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