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    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

    Just the multiplayer tried so far thanks to how insanely large the game is to install. I played TDM and a bit like the Beta I quite enjoyed it, it harks a bit back to the earlier Treyarch entries in terms of level design and the fast paced no gimmick gameplay. It's a shame to lose some of the weight and advances made by last years entry but on the basis of each annual installment feeling a bit distinct I don't mind.

    That being said, the game looks decent but not impressive and there's not much to sway the opinion that it's very limited launch content will see the game grow old long before Treyarch adds enough counterweight to hold interest. It'll be interesting to see if the campaign is any good too given their appalling track record for so long now.

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    Played the first three levels in campaign mode. Love the Ray tracing effects and atmosphere.

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    Had a patch for this on my machine this morning. Played the 4th level and the game had major stuttering then the game crashed and shut the system down.
    Tried resetting my mac address which was recommended on the net but still it persists

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    Bought this mainly for the multiplayer with my mate, however im really enjoying the Campaign, very well put together, and it looks fantastic with all the effects turned on and 60fps.

    Very pleased.
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    I'm right at the end of the campaign now, likely done tonight. It's a decent campaign though as usual not up to IW's efforts. I'm already questioning whether to keep it though as the light content for multiplayer hangs heavily over this game.

    I gave MW quite alot of leeway because there were a lot of moving pieces in how heavily overhauled it was, launching Warzone etc. With this Warzone is already its own running title, another studio largely makes the SP for Treyarch too so there's really no excuse for the MP to be so light on maps etc. Given if I want to play COD online I can still boot MW up or play Warzone to scratch that itch I'm doubtful playing Cold War for 10 months for the mutliplayer to slowly build itself up to having the content it should have had at launch will be worth it compared to pickingit up on the cheap next summer for a short revisit.

    Also, whilst I'm not 100% sure I'm pretty convinced the game uses a lot of SSR and minimal selective use of ray tracing rather than proper implementation. Some of the early missions look really nice but later in the game there are some shocking poor reflections going on where either its prebaking to imitate of it already relies on a very poor mans level of RT
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    The real black mark on this game is the file size. 150gig, then another 100gig for warzone ontop. Thats over a 3rd of the hd taken by this along, pretty laughable.

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    File size has ballooned further to165gb on ps5. Awesome. Good way to get yourself deleted cod.

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    Yeah, file size this gen is an issue. Even putting storage capacity to one side, as someone with a 6mb internet connection, I'm really not looking forward to downloading PS5 digital-only releases and patches.

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    Activision are muppets for not sorting it out with COD. The scale of some games with smaller file space needs, Acti are just lazy at it

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    Installing this on PS5 was a joke!!

    I want to play the SP campaign and that's it. I have no interest in the MP or Zombies side of things but the options when you first load:


    No SP option. Then, to actually install the SP content you have to download three separate packs. Shambles!!

    The SP game itself? I'm really enjoying it. Right near the end after about 6 hours and it's been great fun. Graphically it's a mixed bag. RT is weird as your character is not reflected in any surfaces unlike, say, Spider-Man. Even when you stand in front of a mirror there's nothing.


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