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    WTD Monster Hunter Rise Collectors Edition - where to buy?

    [edit 19/03] Amazon have now reinstated preorders for anyone in a similar situation. You have until 24 March to grab one.

    Amazon have just cancelled my preorder for the Collectors Edition of Monster Hunter Rise, so my question is: does anyone know where I can preorder it? Iíve tried Game, Simply Games, the Nintendo Store and The Game Collection to no avail, and eBay is full of inflated prices.

    Can anyone help?
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    If you don't mind paying shipping from Norway (~£20) I can place a pre-order locally. They charge at once though so I'd need the money up front

    There's only two retailers I can order from and they're both charging £118 The ones that sold it at MSRP are sold out
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    Thanks for the offer, but if no one else can suggest a UK alternative, I think Iíll hang on to see if Amazon restocks.


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