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    Maquette Playstaion 5 (PC)

    I really enjoy a good indie puzzle game especially one which feels unique and try's something different the trailer gives you whiffs of games like portal or the Witness with a unique world to explore and some mindbending puzzles. This games unique concept is based around nested worlds, In the center of the level is a model and anything you do to this model effect the bigger room around you which is identical to the model but at a larger scale. Its first puzzle has you move a small block on the little map that is to large to move in the bigger room to unblock a pathway. it all feels very Alice in wonderland at times, a normal sized item can be taken from the world and dropped into the model to make it massively increases in size this principle works in reverse too a giant key can be shrunk down to normal size to fit a normal sized lock for example.

    The frustrating thing though is it all feels a little under cooked the controls are awful, positioning yourself and interacting with your surroundings is extremely awkward and janky, as is interacting and moving items around. it feels like a mod at times like they have taken a FPS game engine and ported a puzzle game to it in a really haphazard way. Its like your being held at arms length by the engine, you can never get yourself into a position to see the model well and placing items is just awkward. on top of this nothing seems to fit well and you just end up making do a lot of the time. It really dose feel like its crying out for a VR port as making the world more tactile and viewable would solve all these issues.

    It breaks lots of good puzzle design rules too by forcing you to solve puzzles it's way and putting you in positions where if you solve them differently it straight up breaks or refuses to let you, Ive got items stuck twice now. its biggest sin is breaking its own puzzle rules though One puzzle required me to use Gems to open color corresponding doors, you can only hold one gem at a time (as the player is obviously an amputee) and for the gem to work it just needs to be in proximity of the door. You'd think droping the gem next to the door to keep it open and retrieve the other gems would work but nope the game disables your ability to drop the gem when your too near a door no explanation it literally sticks it to your hand and give you zero feedback as to why. The drop button magically start to work again when you move a set distance away form the door. No other item in the game works this way and the only reason this item dose this is lazy game design. They could of made it so that the gems glow when you pick them up and become dull when dropped. this way at least it would have made sense that the gems need to be held to open the doors and been a better solution than just straight up disabling controls.

    On top of this Ive had the game refuse to progress too even when all the right conditions where met for a game like this to have progression bugs that have you walking in circles not knowing that you've done all that was asked of you and not missed anything is its biggest sin as it makes you question everything from then on, is this me being stupid or a crash again? Ive not even talked about the story yet some narrated love story that feels disconnected from what your doing. so too sum up i can see the potential here but the bugs and bad controls really let this game down.
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    I had a really similar experience to you, I wanted to like it but I just can't. The controls are shocking and put me off. I went back to it once after reading it was a short playthrough time and there were some graphical issues so off it went never to be played again.


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