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    Last call, PS3 station! Fill yer boots!

    Okay, PS3 store's now on a ticking clock.

    What do people recommend getting before it closes?

    To guide things a bit, we're looking for games that...

    • were released on PS3 and not on other console platforms, especially not PS4
    • saw their definitive release on PS3
    • can be found on other platforms, but are rare/expensive on those and inexpensive on PS3
    • don't hinge on DLC or multiplayer because y'know
    • don't exist as physical or are cheap/much cheaper digitally (because physical PS3 games tend to be cheap in 2021)

    That's because a lot of games would later come out on other console formats, e.g. all the NeoGeo stuff isn't worth it today.

    I would immediately call out...

    • Daytona USA
    • Virtua Fighter 2
    • Fighting Vipers (the only decent official home version)
    • Nights into Dreams (on PC too, but the PS3 version is very good)

    What else do people recommend?

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    Yakuza Dead Souls, still no release on other consoles.

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    Folklore. Dunno if it's even available digitally mind.
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Resistance Fall of Man
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    I always thought the Motorstorm games were decent, especially Pacific Rift.
    House of the Dead 4, I think it only came out in the Arcade and on PS3.
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    Probably worth mentioning the PS1 games; again, some are peanuts on eBay but obviously some are expensive.

    I have Vagrant Story, Alundra, Castlevania SOTN and Front Mission 3.

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    There are some MegaTen games that are pricey elsewhere. The Digital Devil Sagas are on there and I think at least one of the Raidou games is.

    Tokyo Jungle is killer, I really like Ranko Tsukigime and Rain is a nice little game.

    I'm going to buy HOTD4 but I am shocked at how much move controllers are.

    Just a note on the Symphony of the Night PS1 game, the PS4 Reqiuem collection is often on sale and comes with Rondo.

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    Blame PSVR for the price of Move controllers.

    Yakuza: Kenzan! has no listing on the store...before it was listed as "disc only".

    Tales of Xillia and Xillia 2, Tales of Symphonia (yes, also on the GC but this is cheaper)

    Vita has the only English-language version of Tales of Hearts, but is also available physically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    Yakuza: Kenzan! has no listing on the store...before it was listed as "disc only".
    I thought that never left Japan. Did it actually get a western release eventually?

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    @Asura no, neither of the Edo period games have been translated unfortunately.


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