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Thread: Gnosia [NSW]

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    Gnosia [NSW]

    This came out in English about a month or so back, and I've been spending quite a bit of time with it. First impressions might suggest it's a visual novel, but that's not quite the case.

    In short, there's (up to) 15 characters including yourself trapped on a space ship, where a small number of passengers have been infected by the Gnosia, who maintain their human appearance but ultimately want to take over the ship. Each day, everyone gets together to discuss who they think is suspicious, leading up to a vote on who they think is most likely infected, and the person with the most votes gets put into cold sleep. Get all of the Gnosia into cold sleep? Great, the humans win! If there's any left? The Gnosia will kill one human each night, until they equal or outnumber the humans, at which point the facade drops, they strike, and they get their win.

    There's lots of other roles too to build complexity; engineers can scan another player each day to confirm whether or not they're infected, whereas doctors get the same info for those that've been put into cold sleep, and guardian angels can choose to try and guess a likely Gnosia target each night to protect them. There's more to this, but perhaps most crucially, at the start it's only the Gnosia who know for certain any of the other roles - their fellow Gnosia. Everyone, yourself included, can choose to drive the conversation in any way they choose - be it truth or lie, drawing someone out, or choosing to shield them - but everything each has its own impacts. Trying to stay quiet in the shadows is just as likely to cast doubt on you as accusing folks and bellowing about your innocence the second anyone starts to doubt you. Outing your useful detection role early on might make you too much of an easy target, but keeping a low profile to figure out who all of the Gnosia are is useless, if you can't then convince anyone of the facts when you do step forward.

    Does this sound familiar? Likely yes; it's a take on 'the werewolf game' (or Mafia. as I understand it's better known). Each round in the game runs about 15 minutes, and characters and roles reset each time. Experience is rewarded after each game depending on how well you do in your given role, and before sleep each night you get the opportunity to level up a series of stats - performance, charm, and so on - that can grant you new tactics, as well as the opportunity to go chat to another players and learn more about them. Because underneath it all, each of these characters has a story, things they're good and bad at, and while the game itself is fun, slowly picking away at the overarching story is what's keeping things interesting.

    Character designs are really out there, but it's really well presented and has some really great music too. I'm enjoying it a lot, and more of you should play it.
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    I have played the first few loops but now my Switch is an A Train machine. I'm looking forward to going back to it and getting more roles to open up. The art is great, some of the writing gave me a good chuckle and the loop nature of it makes it very easy to dip in and out of. Recommended!


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