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Thread: Hades [PC/NSW]

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    Hades [PC/NSW]

    No-one on this? It's being raved about all over my feed, and having just kicked it off I see why. It's a good one, folks.

    At a very crude, reductive level, think Dead Cells meets Diablo? It's very fast and slick looking, and although it's randomly generated dungeons and back to the start when you die, there's also a lot of permanent upgrades and unlocks that you can work toward to make the slog a lot less daunting. I feel like there's a big effort being made to not let the rogue like element scare people off.

    The basic structure sees you fight through a chamber where you're set upon by a range of nasties, and on clearing it you'll typically get presented with a selection of doors which also signpost what you can expect as an additional reward on clearing it. This might be one of its many currencies (some are lost on death, others are used for pre-run upgrades), power-ups, or the ability to summon one of the other gods and then choose from the skills they can offer you. There's clearly a lot of diverse ways you can choose to play, and finding a build to support your chosen approach is a huge deal.

    A lot of the commentary I've seen makes a very big deal of supporting characters too - as well as those that dole out your skills, the bosses are uniquely chatty too, and on closing out each run you're back to Hades, where they'll often be there to talk about your recent fight and how they're planning to change things up to stop you getting through again next time/

    I've barely played a couple of hours and I'm already totally engrossed - it's dense, challenging, and looks and feels great.

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    Bought this last night and only got about an hour in roughly. Still trying to figure out the systems and whats going gameplay wise. However its already grabbed me.

    Love conversing with the npc’s in hades mansion and every time you go back theres new things to learn from them, as usual Supergiant games voice acting & lines are great and really help you connect to the game world.

    Playing more tonight definitely.

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    I've been playing all day. I have nothing bad to say about it, other than where has it been all my life. It's taken me away from Spelunky 2, even.

    I really cannot stress how good this is enough.

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    Played a few more hours today and getting the hang of it now. Absolutely love it, just drenched in charm and quality from top to bottom.

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    Yeah, I didn't get a chance to play much yesterday and now I'm totally gagging to get back for more. Annoyingly I've not made it past Ornstein and Smough Theseus and Asterius in Elysium yet, but I'll get them soon enough. I've been trying to keep switching up weapons, and I'm pleasantly surprised that I've come across skills that make all of them viable options. I feel that there are certain skills that if you don't find a way to incorporate, you're going to have a rough time though - one particularly great run was totalled in a witch lair as I was running melee and had not got anything set up to deflect. Boo.

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    I got passed Odysseus and the Asterius last night for the fist time using a Shield build with TONS of reflect levelled up with Artemis & Ares buffs, YAY!

    Last edited by fishbowlhead; 05-10-2020 at 09:53 AM.

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    Two runs tonight, both got to last boss - second one to second phase, even. So close, I can taste it!

    Would love to know what causes some events to happen - was it by chance that

    Demeter showed up on the very next run after my first fight with Hades?

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    2 awful runs last night. Boons were just rubbish and really foiled me in Styx. Once again the rats bum f*****d me with poison draining all my last chances.

    Hopefully my boons are better tonight.


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