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    Void Bastards (Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox)

    Void Bastards is a Rouge like indie FPS survival game, the premises is you are random prisoner aboard a prison ship that's been attacked by space pirates and left adrift in space, its up to you to fix the ship by scavenging parts and fuel from other ships with the eventual task, being to make it out of this nebular that's turned everything in it in too mutants and back to civilization.

    At the start of each cycle a random prisoner is dumped into a scout ship re-hydrated and jettisoned out into space and made to hop between the dead husks of ships scavenging and building what you can. Anything you salvage and get back to the ship you keep. If you die mid scavenge you have a little robot back pack that jettisons your body and fly's back to the ship with your equipment but not anything you have picked up on that last ship.

    What elevates this above the crowd of indie rougelikes is the humor, stylistically it looks like something off the pages of 2000AD it also takes a lot of its humor and writing from this too. Running about The husks of ship and bumping into one of the many mutants beings, is always a treat, just for the voice lines. Take the juve's, (migets mutants that fight in groups). i never thought id hear a Scouse accent in a modern game shouting things like "y’alright, dick-bag?" and “I could murder some pick n mix right now” .

    Its power-ups are very British too, builders tea gives you a four times attack boost and makes the screen go jittery the only real food stuff you eat is sandwiches and biscuits too (i like that the amount of jumps between wrecks you can do is measured in sandwiches ). Death can be pretty funny as every prisoner is unique, so far ive had a smoker who's cough alerts everyone nearby making stealth impossible, and a giant who is stupidly Tall which just makes it hard to get through certain bits without banging your head.

    Absolutely loving it so far i picked it up on the switch as its on sale at the moment and its perfect for burst play in handheld to see how far you can get on your current character. It gets easier the more you play too, my prisoners have Armour, better weapons, and loads of gadgets now. So while i still cant take on the hardest enemy's yet I can lure them into traps and its super satisfying to outsmart one of the big guys.

    Sci-Fi humor, and a really cool looking comic book ascetic its the very definition of a hidden gem, super glad i took a punt on it.

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    Great write up. I never play rogue-likes but I'm really liking the look of this. I'm reminded a little of XIII!


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