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    Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection

    This landed on Switch yesterday and it's really rather good.

    At the start you're presented with two different paths, one closer in style to the original GnG and the other with more of a Ghouls 'n Ghosts vibe.

    I haven't tried the easiest difficulty, but this is hard on pretty much all the other difficulty settings, just like it should be. The game is a little more forgiving than the original games, though, as you're not kicked back to the start of the level every time you die and respawn points are more generously spaced and persist even after you quit.

    The controls are responsive and feel just like you'd expect from a GnG game and there's an interesting magic system, which I've only just scraped the surface of.

    Presentation is great, the graphics are lovely and the soundtrack is vintage GnG. All in all, this seems to be a great entry in the series so far and I look forward to delving into it further.

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    Love the game and currently on the third world boss. Graphics are colourful and the remixed soundtrack is brill. Good use of check points and magic upgrade tree.

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    This is a game/series I've always been entranced by, right back to the arcade days. The cheesy spooky vibe and music is just my thing. If they've conceded to ease the brutal difficulty even a smidge this is something I'll definitely pick up at some point.

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    It's certainly still hard, but a few concessions are made to make the game a bit more doable, though nothing that ruins the challenge.

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    Someone on rllmuk described this as mischievous, that's the best description I've ever heard regarding the GnG series.

    Really liking this so far, dropped down to Knight and will see how that goes

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    Tempted to purchase this, but as ever put off by Capcom's ongoing stubborn refusal to make a physical version.

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    Been playing this most of the afternoon, the videos online did a poor job of showing how it really looked, there's way more detail in the textures than i was expecting. So far done the first 4 levels on knight difficulty, i miss the double jump but he controls pretty accurately. People online been saying he fires slow but his lance travels at the same speed as it did in previous games if you want fast then the daggers are the best choice although the spiked throwing disk is my fave weapon. The chests seem a lot easier to find this time around if you shoot everywhere they give themselves away pretty well.

    Also like just how pissed off looking Arthur is at all times lol

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    Level 5 Caverns of the occult is a twat of a level. I think they spelled occult wrong

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    Oh man revive saved my ass, was at the dragon boss i was on the final phase and i died just as the dragonhead went bullet crazy thankfully it randomly decided to bring me back. Just managed to kick it's ass before it stripped me down to my sexy boxers

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    I've seen so many people on Twitch play this on the hardest difficulty and not even get past stage 1, after hours of trying. It's hiliarious that this somehow makes it a bad game. Looks great to me!


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