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    Retro|Spective 185: Earthworm Jim

    History in Games:

    1994 - Earthworm Jim
    1995 - Earthworm Jim 2
    1999 - Earthworm Jim 3D
    1999 - Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 Society

    Looking back it's staggering that Earthworm Jim came and went in as little as five years with the robotically enhanced worm enjoying a run of games and a media push before disappearing just as quickly into the depths of space. With a bright animated cartoon like visual style the games saw Jim travel through a mix of genred levels running, gunning and flying through enemies and mini-games The franchise hit a quick hurdle when Shiny was bought out and the third dimension third game was constantly retooled around the animated series that had itself aired and died quickly making the final game a clunky hybrid of content. The announced fourth game failed to materialise and whilst another attempt at a new game has been announced for the Intellivision Amico it remains unseen.

    Was there life in this Jim, or not as you knew it?

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    I only played the first two. They looked fun and the animation is superb. But I never though the games themselves were actually all that good. They're fairly average platformers of their day, in my view.

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    I remember really enjoying these on the Megadrive, but I can't imagine they'd be worth going to today. The character felt like A Big Deal in the 90s, but it's interesting how quickly the whole franchise vanished without trace.

    It turns out the guy who invented the character is a homophobe and transphobe too, so, ya know, it also has that going for it.

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    They had a look going for them, but they were always clunky, mechanically poor things. I remember renting both of them, but memories of neither are particularly fond. I remember liking the cartoon most, out of anything the character appeared in.

    And as correctly noted above, Doug TenNapel is a piece of ****.

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    Meh. Looked great, played averagely.

    The cartoon was pretty funny.

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    I tried playing the first one recently on the MD and while it looks amazing, it is pretty clunky. The Psycrow races are still a lot of fun though.

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    Over-marketed garbage. Another game that all the 5-minute casuals at school went crazy for.

    Like Fuse I rented it and still felt ripped.

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    My main experience comes from the second game, because it followed so quickly on the first and was hyped up my parents got it me for Xmas. It never really held my attention much for the same reasons as everyone else but it did get me mentioned in the Cheats section of Total! Magazine for submitting a cheat code. Wasn't hard either as it's the same code that worked in the first game too.

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    Absolutely gorgeous but really unfun to play. I always found myself getting lost. The level design in platformers like this always turned me off personally.

    I do have the cartoon intro playing in my head again now though

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    We're now just fifteen Retro|Spective's away from the end now and I'm in a position now to know what all but three of them are going to be focusing on. With that in mind though I figured I'd take us back a couple of years to when these used to end with a little tease to figure out what the next in line would be about:

    Clue: You're bound to be excited by the next game and if not then it's on yer' bike


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