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    I am finding this pretty dull - boring almost. I’m on the one x and whilst the resolution is good there are shuttering scrolling backgrounds and enemy’s and it feels laggy to me. The first few bosses look they were programmed in a lunch hour and it all seems pretty unpolished. Oh dear.

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    OK, I've been able to spend some more time with the game, going through it twice.
    First, evertone should have two password-locked ships in the Museum, and if you want to unlock them...

    Ship no. 3 is "loveandpeace"; ships no.24 is "granzella".

    Now, about the game...the first five stages a Boring. Capital B. And frankly not that well designed. More than any other R-Type, I feel that dying once puts you at a disadvantage against the oncoming enemies, and some checkpoints are placed so near difficult waves with a POW Armor flying in right in the middle of it. I think the middle point of stage 3 and during the first half of stage 4 are the worst offenders. On the other hand, bosses are way too easy and unimaginative.

    There are a couple of good ideas, like stage 7, but it's nowhere near past R-Types; I find stage 3 particularly underwhelming, it should be the climactic battle against a giant battleship but the battleship feels like a quarter the size of any other previous giant enemy.
    The first playthrough is frankly boring, but soldiering through it does unlock some nice customising the title of the game, you can go "R-Type Final II", or use different fonts for the words, or go "Final Final Final".

    I've also found my first split,

    before the fifth boss: there's an enemy that drop coloured orbs upon destruction, and during the first playthrough I didn't touch them not knowing what they were. On the second, I touched the orange orb and new level 6, and this time it was an interesting level, with fast vertical scrolling and cannon sliding along the stage's walls firing reflectiv bullets. it was fun! But the boss died so quickly that I probably skipped some of its phase.

    Then, level 7...

    your ship gets changed into the Bydo R-9 and you go against your own people (similar to what happens in RTF1 and R-Type Tactics) in a pretty majestic fleet battle. Another fun stage, and I thought that would unlock the ship you were forcibly morphed into, but instead no

    The second playthrough renewed my interest in the game, although reaching the split I've found takes a bit too much time.

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    I’m struggling with this one. I want to love it but not feeling it. Doesn’t feel right playing. I use craft speed 3 and it still feels weird. Sometimes there is so many effects onscreen that you miss a bullet and kills you leaving you wondering what the hell hit you.

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    Spent some time on it this evening. Echoing what others have said really. There are ocassionally some nice ideas, but overall it's kinda dull. The stage and boss designs aren't very exciting. The lighting effects a quite pretty, but I sometimes wish I could turn them all off to make the gameplay a little clearer. Hit detection is very unforgiving (several times I've felt like I died when I wasn't actually hit). There feels to be something a bit odd about the movement as well that I can't quite put my finger on, it's like it isn't consistent somehow. Given I wasn't very impressed with the demo I'm starting to wish I hadn't instantly gone and bought the full game!


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