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    Gaming (ish) keyboard recommendations?

    Hi yah, snapped one of the switches off my keyboard, I've had it for 5 years or so, time for a newey one thinks. For reference my current one is an i-Rocks K10 which has suited me fine.

    I do game on my PC, sometimes. Not a hard-core nerd just the odd round of battlefield so light gaming and media making/consumption the keys. Not looking to blow 200 quid but happy to shell out for something decent. Cheers.
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    Don't buy a Logitech G53 Carbon Linear. I used to praise it, but now it''s beginning to play up just outsde of the 2-year warranty window. Missed inputs, doublle inpputs, etc.

    This message has been typed in one pass, so you can see what 'm talking about. It's losing me so much work time considering I spend at least seven hours a day writing code.

    I'm going for a Drop Alt next. $180 USD, though. Not cheap.

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    I'd look no further than a Filco Majestouch 2.

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    Iíve had the Logitech G810 since 2017 and bar a key being broken off by my nephew has been faultless in a dusty environment down my factory. Though my actual usage isnít heavy like Daves.

    I couldnít see me ever parting with it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedlolita View Post
    I'd look no further than a Filco Majestouch 2.
    This does like the business. Struggled to find something that doesn't light up like a Christmas tree.

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    Honestly, I know it's boring... But I've been using this for years now:

    Both at the office and at home. They're just indestructible, and even if they ever did break, they cost peanuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baseley09 View Post
    This does like the business. Struggled to find something that doesn't light up like a Christmas tree.
    I used one for many years before an unfortunate accident involving a ramen noodle cup... I should imagine they'd last a lifetime if not treated as such.

    I've been using some crap MSI keyboard for around 3 years now that I got as a replacement for the Filco. Only bought it because of the price but it's holding up well. Sadly is a Christmas light board but at least that nonsense can be disabled.

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    Here's what I used for all of my competitive gaming back in the day:

    I'm going to get another.

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    My son is super pleased with his Royal Kludge

    I'm still using an IBM SK-8805 I've had for longer than he has been born.
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    Used to have the simpler version of that IBM board.

    Pretty good board. Despite all the mech hype these days I find I'm quite comfortable with any keyboard that has full keys and a proper ISO layout.


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