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    I use a TenKeyLess Corsair K63. Feels good. Bit noisy (Cherry Red) but the best thing is you can pull the keys off easily using just your fingers so it's really easy to give it a good clean. You can have the backlighting off but even on minimum it's a bit too bright I think. If you use the Corsair software you can dim it right down though. Has a lock button to lock out the Windows key which can be handy. Overall I recommend.

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    I'm not into the RGB thing but I did get lured over to the mech side recently. I think the Keychron boards look really nice personally, and there's a good range of sizes depending on how much you want your F-keys vs how much desk space you want. Case in point, the K8 is more on the spacious side. I went with the K6 and got a set of custom keycaps which I'm really happy with.

    There are a tonne of lighting settings, but crucially there is the option to just turn them all off and never look back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    Show off
    Tjat's easu fpr ypi tp sau!

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    See I couldn't deal with that, need F keys for MMOs! 80%/TKL is the smallest I would go.


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