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    [NSW] Rolling Gunner Over Power

    I'll write a beefier post in a few days, but after a couple of sessions with Rolling Gunner, I must say that this is an incredible shooter.
    Rolling Gunner feels like an old-school Cave shooter scrolling horizontally, not quite ProGear but more like Ketsui, not just in scoring mechanics, but also the graphical style, and the use/abuse of rendered 3D sprites. Production values are kinda low, but there's a feeling of fun, satisfaction, and passion going through the whole game that's impossible not to appreciate.
    The Japanese cart from the Complete Edition is fully translated into English, and features extensive tutorials and difficulty modes to get you into the game; normal mode says right off the bat that it's "high difficulty" and for palyer looking for a challenge, and damn right it is. It was my first sessions, but I munched through credits like there was no tomorrow simply because I wanted to see what the game was like. Novice mode on the other hand is too easy, I was able to 1cc it on my second run through the game.

    This novice run also gave me an insight on the scoring/bombing system, but I'll leave the full explanation once I go through the tutorial and the game one more time to get everything correctly.
    The basic system is that your ship has a pod always following around, which rotates depending on how you move the ship; the standard attack button fires both your ship's and the pod's guns while keeping the pod mobile and the ship at maximum manuverability; the secondary fire mode fixes the pod in the direction it's currently facing and slows the ship down. You've got bombs and by collecting golden tokens you build up a meter that also works as a score multiplier...but more on that when I know exactly how it works.

    Rolling Gunner is a bullet hell, with slowdowns triggered during the most intense patterns; it's easy to see that this is a deliberate choice, as the game is happy not to slow down too much during later levels with huge sprites with multiple turrets spawning a multitude of barrages.
    It's good, and right now I'm liking it more than R-Type Final 2.

    The Over Power addition can be compared to waht G.Rev did for Under Defeat: to play it you need two analog sticks, as the left moves the ship around and the right moves the pod, with the shoulder buttons dedicated to firing and switching fire modes. Unfortunately I was playing with an arcade stick, so I wasn't able to test this out, and instead focused on the original version.

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    Wow, Rolling Gunner looks amazing (and a bit intimidating). Is it out on any other consoles?

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    Consoles no, PC yes.

    So glad this eventually happened on cart after Physicality Games went ass about face. Haven't had a chance to try it yet, but have heard so many good things for so long a time. I'm not against a nice easy mode to see the game with, before the inevitable stage 4 wall stops progress in the main game, either!


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