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Thread: Returnal - PS5

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsThere View Post
    So I got this, had a really good first run, got to the first boss. Died but enjoyed it. Few crap runs followed by a really good hour long one up to the boss again. Freeze. Crash. All progress lost.

    That's fine for a game that saves progress and doesn't waste my time if there is an issue. Not fine here. I turned off in annoyance.
    sounds like what i experienced with this, I beat the first boss after a couple of attempts but since doing that and getting murdered by a massive squid in the next zone Ive not been back to it. That and i don't feel like Ive always got time for a full run under their current system.

    Its a shame as I like the setting i like the story (from what Ive seen of it) But.... the problem is seeing it all is a massive time sink, just getting to a boss is a time sink and when their all bosses that require you to learn patterns and work out the best method of attack it all starts to feel a bit like pushing a bolder uphill, a bolder that randomly teleports you back to the bottom of a hill over and over again.

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    I finished this yesterday (twice due to buggy trophies, I wanted that badge!) and then did a run through of the first half and then second half today for a bit more story. I've really struggled with this game skill wise but have been hopelessly addicted to it for the last two weeks, I now feel like an absolute god! Clear GOTY for me, even with its bugs. (I cannot recall a game that has kept me up past midnight and putting in 25+ hours a week for a loooong time)
    To add to the tips list here is what I've found that let me have a much easier ride than I was having for the first 30 hours.

    - Save your money for the Integrity upgrades, don't worry about buying augments. I only splash out if I see Adrenalin leech or heal on low integrity. ( I got past 2nd boss with that and probably used a whole life bar in 'skin of my teeth' heals)
    - Keep on the move, and play aggressively, the payoff in currency is worth it and will get you a massive life bar.
    - Concentrate on dodging in bullet hell boss battles at first. The patterns are quite learnable if you pay attention.
    - Ignore Proficiency augments and take any parasites that de-buff proficiency, choice of gun and perks is worth more than level.
    - Get good with a selection of guns but not all of them. Learn the perks you like and if you're not progressing much, level up the perks instead. At first I thought game was too harsh on lack of progress but I think its absolutely spot on with that in mind. I think I'd play pretty well on a blank save now but the perks definitely help. I took out the last boss in about 3 minutes and had full health at the end.
    - Best guns for me are: Rotgland lobber - any version is one shot for most enemies and then let damage over time sort them out. Thermogenic launcher once you unlock full auto and hollow seeker with serrated projectiles and portal beam/turret. Hollow seeker is not great for bosses until you get the portals as damage is very weak and serrated projectiles don't work on bosses.

    I absolutely love this game but it kicked me in the balls a few time and I turned it off, but I was always back an hour later.
    Gem of a game if you persevere.

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    I’m still not great at this but it’s not too infuriating for me as each time I try a new run it mixes things up.
    Managed to beat the 1st boss for the first time over the weekend which felt great after 10 hours of gameplay so far.


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