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    Retro|Spective 186: Excitebike

    History in Games:
    1985 - Excitebike
    2000 - Excitebike 64
    2006 - Excite Truck
    2009 - Excitebots: Trick Racing
    2009 - Excitebike: World Rally

    Perhaps one of gamings most erratic franchises with five installments over nearly 25 years yet their presented form being all over the place. Beginning with the well known NES original that saw players racing across obstacles on nitro powered bikes where overheating had to be managed, the series lay dormant for many years until a 3D sequel eventually arrived attempting to translate the experience to a modern design. The system, late arrival in its lifecycle and higher cost of needing an expansion pak limited the games audience so when the series appeared again a few years later it had switched to a simpler motion controlled form with boosting trucks. The fourth game completely altered the face of the series again with animal themed robots that players used to also perform tricks with came to limited markets, this push concluding during the Wii's lifespan with the fifth and final entry on the online store which finally saw an entry that closely harked back to the original. The series has remained dormant ever since, it's only spark of life being a simple themed course in Mario Kart 8.

    What is your history with Excitebike and how does it rank in the lineage of Nintendo?

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    Only played Excite bike 64. But love it. Played it last week. The hill climb mode and retro mode are amazing.

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    Excite Truck is a very underrated game. I had so much fun with that at the Wii launch. I think I played it pretty comprehensively actually, getting maximum stars on all the tracks. It felt really good to play with the motion controls and was just a very playable, very enjoyable game.

    Wow, haven't thought about that for a while. I'd like to dig it out and give it a try, see how it feels 15 years or so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Only played Excite bike 64. But love it. Played it last week. The hill climb mode and retro mode are amazing.
    Excitebike 64 doesn't get enough love. Every bit as good as Wave Race 64 and 1080 Snowboarding IMO.

    I don't consider Truck & Bots to be part of the franchise. It's Excitebike and everything else as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm pretty sure that World Rally was one of the last games I downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel before it closed. Will have to dig out my Wii U and check when I can eventually be bothered lol.

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    Liked the original, I think I've got the N64 version, and enjoyed the Wii release. There's a few clones out there, BMX Kidz for the C64 was a strong conteneder.
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