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  1. #11
    Finished this tonight, just over 12 hours. Overall really enjoyed it. Hard to put down until the end. Looking forward to some NG+ action, but might play something else first.

  2. #12
    Finished in 10 hours, really cool torwards the end, lots of bonkers stuff going on! Ended just a bit early, I think it could of done with another area or something. Tried my hand at the 3 hour speed run trophy and got 3h11m Oh well, earned some money torward the

    STAKE Magnum, which apparently costs 2,100,000 Lei Wulongs to upgrade (and unlock the infinite ammo in the bonus store.) Gonna try and get that to make the Village of Shadows run easy.

  3. #13
    Completed first run in 10 hours thoroughly enjoyed it. Now to unlock some weapons and character build

  4. #14
    I managed

    the three hour speedrun and village of shadows playthrough with the regular magnum if you want to save some money

    which adds a little bit more tension

  5. #15
    Finished now, like others this one is more 'game like' than RE7. I'd say it's overall a solid game, more fun to play than RE7 but I still find these first person entries to be much weaker RE games than the third person ones and I still feel ready for the series to move past them. Hated Ethan and the narrative which only seemed to get any real relevance to the main series in the loosest of terms. I dunno, the art direction and overall look is insanely good so that pulls you through a lot of the experience and like RE7 I'm glad I played it but also like RE7 it's incredibly unlikely I'll ever want to play it again too because it's a weaker RE title and a terrible FPS as well so it's very much an 'experience' and good while it lasts.

  6. #16
    Glad to read some initially negative impressions turn out to be positive ones on here (better to have a strong finish than start).

    I've cleared one of the houses and had a catch-up with The Duke (man does like his pork scratchings but I guess he's got that appeal like Ron Jeremy somehow).

    Looking forward to getting back on it after finishing work today which is a sign of a game doing the right thing (that you can't wait to play it again).
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  7. #17
    RE7 is on my backlog of shame, but I know the general gist of the game after it being out for so long. Would I lose much by jumping into this first? I believe there is a story recap at the start of this? Or at least a “how did they get here”?

  8. #18
    Also did anyone get the deluxe edition? Are the extras any good?

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    Zaki if you need a lend of the game you should've just sent me a PM bud.


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