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    Resident Evil Village

    Played for about 5 hours, and it's alright. Aiming seems harder? Either somethings up with the sensitivity or the enemies bob and weave too much making it difficult to pop consistant headshots. Scripted fight sequances need to go away. I don't know if I'm supposed to fight, or run away or put the controller down and watch most of the time. Got jumped on by an enemy and it was very early on so I was pressing buttons to blocks, attack and whatnot to see if I could get the thing off me, and in the corner it reminded me I can press options to skip cutscenes if I like. Oh I wasn't even playing Treasures are cool to find still, but I think the map leaving areas red for missed loot makes most of them unmissable. Knowing where they hide cool shinies in RE4 was half the fun (well puzzle with the lid, killing all the crows with flashbangs etc)

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    Only done up through the initial village area and if I'm being honest I'm a bit unsure if I'm playing the same game as others I've read online who are salivating over this as an FPS high point. Seem's like it's going to have more action than RE7 but so far that for me is just highlighting its failings more. Movement is a bit clunky and gunplay remains horrid. It's a bit of a mixed bag visually as well and whilst it's generally alright overall the opening being reminiscent of RE4 is doing it no favours at all. Very early days but so far it's hard to feel much for it.

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    I agree about sometimes not knowing if you're fighting for your life or watching a cutscene isn't good. The tension drops when you hit block and you see a message 'skip ahead?'. But aside from that I don't have many complaints. I like how it's more fantastical again. The setting and characters are more dark fairytale than anything. I'm an hour or two inside the castle and I love exploring it. The Mr X style threat of being hounded works well too. I can understand why fans of VII mightn't like it ... it's more blockbuster than video nasty ... but I'm enjoying so far.

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    I am also enjoying it more than I was initially, I think you just have to accept it for what it is!

    More fantasy horror, more gun play (the enemy design and variation is way better than 7) and just, more of a game.

    Based on that it is fun and I think it was designed to be that way. More RE3 than RE2 with some generous lashings of 4.

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    Just over 4hrs in and still enjoying exploring the castle. I also like how the game encourages you to kill everything as the drops nearly always outweigh the bullets it took to obtain them ... and upgrading your weapons is always a welcome obsession.
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    Game picks up a lot after the first main area. Enjoyed exploring and unlocking cool stuff. Main complaints would be that they still hijack combat with cutscenes and don't tell you, and that I have so much money, all my stuff is upgraded to the furthest the merchant will let me even after upgrading the 2 earlier weapons and then ditching them for better ones. Wondering how the "economy" is on hardcore.

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    I think I sold some stuff that means I canít get permanent health upgrades 🥲

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    I think I sold some stuff that means I can’t get permanent health upgrades 沈

    You can still upgrade everything but you're locked out of it until NG+ now

    I think I was right, this is an RE3 style game albeit with a much longer and broadly better first run. After that though it is built for replayability.

    One thing that did make me laugh on the first run BIG SPOILER

    Is how it turns into Quake 4 in the factory. When they start strapping jet packs on them I lost it completely. Ridiculous and OTT but hey, it is what it is now.

    Platinum requirements are all based on multiple playthrough styles and don't look to bad if you're willing to put the effort in, which I think I am

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    ok so I folded and bought this game because my wallet said no, but everything else said yes.
    However, I do have some problems with this game and I'm going to go deep.

    Number 1: Immersion breaking cinematics. There are a lot of cinematics in the first 2-3 hours of this game that are there for no other reason then to drag it out. There are 2 in particular were you are knocked out, dragged somewhere and then have to run through a little mini-maze only to end up back at the place you were knocked out. Why? Why do these sections exist at all? If this event never happened would it ruin the gameplay and story?
    Cinematics are an inevitable part of a game but it has to serve the game objective otherwise its just clutter. As an example, in RE7 when you are trapped in the
    house the objective is to get the hell out of the house, and the cinematics that happened (like showing you the family or watching the police officer die) all serve to show you how bad the house is and why you should get the hell out.
    In RE8 you are looking for your daughter, but the cinematics that happen are all just getting in the way of you looking for your daughter. Sure its showing you how crazy this 'Family' is in the castle, but there are no cinematics (at least in the first 2 hours) which shows then being a threat to your daughter. You don't see them being mean or evil to the kid. For all we know the daughter could be treated really well. The cinematics create no urgency to find her.
    They also halt gameplay. This is a survival horror, let me do some surviving and exploring please.

    Number 2: Immersion breaking gameplay. In all the resident Evil games, using ammo and shooting baddies requires thought. You have so little ammo when you start
    you need to think about whether you should just run passed this zombie or kill it, using vital ammo that's hard to find. In the GameCube RE it went even further in that
    the zombies you killed came back if you didn't burn them. It was tactical and it was survival horror.
    In RE8 I’m shooting ****ers in the head left right and centre because I have so much ammo I’m actually struggling to carry other items. The enemies don't pose a threat because I can unload clip after clip until its dead and just collect the loot its dropped to make or buy more ammo. Not once have I felt threatened or worried about making it through a room. I’m literally just strolling from room to room shooting everything in sight like a doom game.

    Number 3: Immersion breaking ludonarrative dissonance
    In RE7 there is a moment at the start of the game were you get your hand chainsawed off. Its pretty shocking. When you are captured and wake up at the dinner table you can see that your hand has been haphazardly stapled back on but you are also shown that the family obviously have some sort of powers because the son gets his arm cut off, complains it’s happened before and runs off. At this point it can be assumed the family used some of this weird power to stick your hand back on and you give it not a second thought. It works narratively.
    In RE8 (think I can say this without ruining too much) you get your hand cut off. Its pretty shocking. At this point I’m thinking, wow now I’m going to have to try and fight my way through
    this castle with only 1 hand until I can find something to get it back. Maybe that voodoo lady in the village can do something...No wait, you just pour the magic bottle of first aid on it and stick it back on! This creates ludonarrative dissonance. I can die during gameplay sure, but narratively you and everyone you know is immortal as long as you have a bottle of first aid. I could walk in to a room, see the big lady cut my daughter in half and all I have to do is pour some of this magic stuff on her and stick her back together.

    If I have these problems after 3 hours I don’t know how I’m going to feel after 12 hours.

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    I'm just hitting what I think will be the penultimate area so aiming to crunch it tonight maybe to completion. My view of the game has improved but I feel like assuming the rumours were true (the rest where so presumably this was too) I could see how this spent much of its life as a spin-off


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