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    Wii buzzing sound when using Wii2HDMI?

    I got one of those cheap Wii2HDMI boxes off AliExpress (it was ~8$ even with ah HDMI cable), as, given it was so cheap, I thought I'd see how it compared to my existing setup, which uses a component cable designed to work with Wii, Xbox and PS2.

    The picture is great. Obviously the Wii is still low-res but it's very "clean" when set to 480p mode.

    However, there's an audible "buzz" coming from the speakers, which intensifies when something white is onscreen (during the menu for starters) though it's still audible when the screen is darker, just not quite so much.

    Anyone know anything about this? Do I just have a badly made box? As seeing the picture quality, I'm tempted to order another from a better supplier; I've also done ordered a PS2HDMI box to see what that's like, as presently the PS2 and Wii are my only non-HDMI consoles and my TV's connection for composite is this frankenstinian thing that hangs off the television to provide the ports, and if I'm choosing the best of some bad options, I'd like an option where I simplify my setup.

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    Sounds like bad a bad shielding/soldering, probably around the input. I don't have any of those boxes, so getting a new one is a shot in the dark.


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