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    New Terraonion FPGA product

    what could it be?

    they have got the heavy hitters covered, PlayStation**/PC Engine CD/Saturn/Dreamcast/Neo Geo and Megadrive,CD.

    **not sure if the Mode covers this as there was talk it would support it in the future?)

    im leaning towards Neo Geo CD but we could have:
    Wii or Wii U?

    well find out at 4pm today
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    MODE support for more systems would be great obviously getting the Saturn, DC and PlayStation first made sense but I'd like to see it expanded to the 3DO, Jag CD etc.

    As for today's reveal I'm guessing it will be a FPGA recreation of the Neo-Geo.

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    It's a ODE for FM Towns as they all have knacked dusc drives. Ah..... If only.

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    A FPGA recreation of the FM Towns would be amazing. I'd like to see other Japanese computer formats, like the X68000 and NEC PC machines, and their libraries made more accessible to worldwide audiences.

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    A tiny recreation of the X68000 with an FPGA inside would be an awesome thing to have on your desk!

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    So it's a new PC Engine ODE with HDMI output, SuperGrafx support (via FPGA) and a bunch of other features. All very nice, though it's a bit annoying when I already forked out quite a lot of the original Super SD System 3 which I've never been able to get clean video output from (and which probably just lost a lot of its second hand value).

    I would've liked a PS2 ODE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    A tiny recreation of the X68000 with an FPGA inside would be an awesome thing to have on your desk!
    Like a MiSTer you mean? X68000 core already works although there is more work in progress, including the ability to use the mt32pi system for Roland mt32 support.

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    Wow, that’s cool, I didn’t know that

    Is there an X68000 shaped shell too, or is that asking too much?!
    @ZipZap a PS2 ODE can be achieved with an official network adapter, a 3.5” IDE HDD and a copy of HDLoader. There are probably better, cleverer ways of doing HDLoader these days with softmodded memory cards, too.


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