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    Necromunda Hired Gun (PC)

    Wanted to try this out has had a lot of mixed reviews but I did quite like what I saw, in a nutshell its Doom Eternal mixed with a bit of Titanfall with loot collecting....with a fraction of the budget.

    And tbh it does show While i think the game looks ok it has a lot of jank with very boring enemies with weird animation (or lack of it) like when use grappling hook to remove shields from enemies they do not react and it just vanishes, has a melee attack which is like a glory kill except can be done at any time and looks janky to its like animation cuts of really quickly.

    I do like the combat though even with the issues as the wall running and hook are fun, does have some weird design decisions like loot you collect you cannot equip straight away and have to wait and at the end of the mission loot you do not equip gets sold.

    Probably worth getting cheap but I really do not know if updates will do much as feel issues i have with the game are budget related as tbh i have not really encountered much in the way of bugs yet
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