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    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

    I'm early on in the original game now, just about the point where you're given access to choose the worlds you can visit and some freedom to opt for the mission narrative path you want to take. It's hard to get much of a sense of how much of an upgrade this is over the original version as I neve got along with that entry. Despite greatly enjoying the second and third game, the original always felt like an unclear, bland proof of concept. Playing it now it feels okay and has been pretty enjoyable so far. It looks solid, kind of like how my mind pictures it but dated at the same time so I assume the original looks much worse than I recall. Controls wise it feels like a clunkier version of the second game which given this has had the heaviest upgrade is probably right but also weird, cover feels like the clumsiest action with the game often struggling to take characters into cover but shoot outs are snappy and easy enough so it's not an issue.

    My memory is loose enough that I didn't recall having access to loads of planets so for now have ignored them and stuck to just the ones with a mission attached. The greatest barometer seems to be that I'm enjoying it and it feels in line enough with my experience of the sequels so presumably enough updating has been done to make the original game enjoyable.

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    I finished ME1 the other day and it was great! The upgrades are cool, especially the performance. 60fps makes the game a bit easier too, so I ended up doing the whole run on Insanity with no problems. Enjoyed the Paragon/Renegade system again too. The gameplay loop wears a little thin by the end though so I'm not in a rush to jump into ME2 straight away. Giving it time to breathe.


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