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    Mega Drive Loose Cart Clearout (mostly Japanese)

    Just going through my MD titles and I've got a few loose carts I'd like to clear out. All tested and working, but I'll test again before I send. They're all obviously used but are the real thing, no Chinese reproduction stuff. I've check the big list and as far as I can see none of them have region locks, but I'd be surprised if any of you lot are sat there with unmodified PAL consoles in this day and age. Free postage in UK, otherwise we'll work it out.

    DJ Boy (JAPAN) - 10
    Label worn at top and slightly taped down.
    This is the Japanese version which has considerable differences over the export ones and features a questionable boss with a farting attack they (very probably rightly) assumed that Western audiences wouldn't handle.

    Marvel Land aka Talmit's Adventure (JAPAN) - 10
    Label peeled a bit at top and a bit dark like it's faded.
    Good arcade platformer, reminds me of the Wonder Boy games.

    Crackdown (JAPAN) - 5
    Condition: Looks OK to me.
    Top-down run and gun, bit like Gauntlet.

    Granada (JAPAN) - 15
    Condition: Label has peeled fair bit and deteriorated at top.
    Slightly odd shooter that again reminds me a bit of Gauntlet but with ranged attacks.

    Viewpoint (USA) - 12
    Condition: Pretty good, nothing to note.
    Isometric shooter with ace music. Japanese developed game, but I think it was a US-only exclusive.

    Or... here's the MEGA-DEAL of the day - 25 for the lot.

    Payment by Paypal friends and family usual stuff.
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    I've lowered the price to see them gone!

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    PM'd (let me know if my inbox is full or it doesn't get through)

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    I am still pondering this strange offer and will get back to you tomorrow or so!

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    If a band like K Foundation did it, then it's totally normalised. Up to you, chap.

    (I should also probably get a mod to change the name of my feedback thread.)
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