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Thread: Euro 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    Yeah, BBC can't control angles or camera shots but they could have gone back to the studio and not shown what they did during teatime TV when young kids are watching.
    ESPN did the same. Piss poor.

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    Undiagnosed congenital heart condition, could well be, we shall see. Glad to see he’s on the mend.
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    So relieved that it looks like Christian's going to be okay, wonderful news for his family and friends.

    Good start for England today. Nothing too amazing, good first 25 minutes and then a bit meh match after that, but Croatia never really got going and we deserved the win. Kalvin Phillips was really good.

    Austria vs North Macedonia and (especially) Netherlands vs Ukraine were both really good matches, hopefully the tournament carries on in the same vein.


    Incredible goal by Patrik Schick from the Czech against Scotland. Early goal of the tournament contender and it’ll be tough to better.


    Great win for Wales against Turkey, and another impressive performance from Italy against the Swiss. What's the only thing that could stop Wales going through now, a big loss against Italy + a big win for the Swiss against Turkey?
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    Aside from the fact that more mediocre teams who normally wouldn't be good enough to qualify for the Euros now get through, Group C is a clear example of why the 24-team format doesn't work. Assuming Holland win this, Austria and Ukraine will know that if they draw in the final game they're both virtually guaranteed to go through, regardless of what North Macedonia do against Holland. So you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll just play out a draw and both games will be really dull. If only two teams went through, it would be a straight shoot-out between the two and the game would be worth watching.

    Basically, UEFA should've either left the Euros as a tight 16-team tournament where everybody involved had a genuine chance of winning it and every game meant something (my personal preference), or they should've expanded it properly to be 32 teams like the World Cup.

    Expanding to 24 teams is a poor cop-out at best.
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    Yup, it's not an ideal format. I think a lot of the individual matches have been good to watch so far, but the fact that only six teams are eliminated at the conclusion of the group stage, after all those matches, is a bit silly.

    Added to your points above, it also makes "groups of death" like Group F less exciting than they should be. Normally you know that at least one of Germany, France or Portugal would be going home early, but with four of the best third place finishers going through, all three will probably end up in the next round anyway.

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    My god that England v. Scotland match yesterday was a lousy watch.

    Well done the Scots for not letting in a goal and not scoring themselves. The latter very much appreciated.

    WTF was wrong with the England team - Ian Wright had a real go in the post match autopsy and he was right on every point. Mostly lethagic, nobody moving into or creating space, some players just ball watching, unimaginative, slow tippy-tappy build up with more backward passes than forward ones, HK well off the pace but getting no real service in the 18 yard box at all so it didn't really matter. The Grealish substition for Foden - bizarre, barely any crosses, worst set of corner kicks ever. Best England chance came via Pickford's quick thinking perfect route one clearance.

    Ruined my Friday and I was in a good mood beforehand because just a few hours earlier I'd been looking at the Wembley arch 4 miles away anticipating the game whilst walking to do my weekly main shop. That was even though soaked to the skin in the process which ended up being a far less unpleasant experience than watching what transpired.

    I'm sure England will get through to the knockout round but, if they play like that again, that will be it.

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    An uninspiring performance indeed. Agreed about Kane, he wasn't looking at his best but as you said the service to him was virtually non-existent so it's very hard to judge. I'm not a fan of Southgate as a coach, too cautious and lacking in imagination. Once we come up against a top side it's very difficult to see us beating them.

    Some decent matches today though; Hungary vs France, Portugal vs Germany and Spain vs Poland should hopefully provide some of the entertainment that was missing yesterday.


    Yup, today was definitely a tad more entertaining than yesterday!

    Hungary vs France was a very good watch and a great point for Hungary. Germany vs Portugal was excellent, just a shame that Renato Sanchez's shot near the end for Portugal didn't go in, to make it a real grand stand finish.

    Also means that the underdogs Hungary are still in with a chance of going through, Portugal could still possibly drop to fourth place if Hungary beat Germany and they lose to France.

    Spain vs Poland was a good match too, and again good to see one of the less fancied teams coming away with a point.

    Looking forward to Italy vs Wales tomorrow.
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    Enjoyable match between Italy and Wales. Italy look really strong, dominated the match again despite making eight changes to the team and giving a lot of "reserves" a run out. They've looked the most consistent of all the big teams in the group stages so, thirty matches unbeaten, they're going to be very tough to beat. I wish I'd put a tenner on them before the tournament kicked off!

    Credit to Wales though for keeping it down to 1-0, especially after they went down to ten men (although I think Italy eased off a little bit after that). They hold on to second in the group and it looks like they should have a winnable last-sixteen match; should end up playing Russia, Finland or Denmark, unless Belgium switch off for the final game and surprisingly don't top the group.

    Mandatory mention of Rodon being excellent again, a big part of making sure it stayed at only 1-0.

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    I'm loving the way that Mancini has modernised the Italy team. I've literally never seen an Italian National side break at pace and in numbers like this before, and I like it! And they still have the classic Italian traits of solid defending and organisation.

    Not saying they'll win Euro 2020 - I think they'll be a bigger threat at the World Cup if they carry on improving - but they will definitely give the top teams something to think about.

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    After what happened with Christian Eriksen, it was great to see Denmark make it through to the last 16 tonight. Some fantastic goals in the match and a great atmosphere. It means England are in the last 16 too, we’ll definitely be one of the best third place teams even if every result goes against us.


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