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    Game Builder Garage NSW

    Had an hour on this yesterday.

    It's packed full of charm, and the characters are amusing and likeable.

    But the lessons are taking ages to get through, and it does look as if things could be worked out through trial error.

    However, that's not possible, as free programming is not yet selectable. I can only choose tutorials. And there are a few hours of them to go.

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    Once the first tutorial game has been made, free programming is opened up. So that's good.

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    Mines on it's way to me from Japan, looking forward to seeing just what this can do i'm not expecting something like dreams as you are limited by the objects in the game, but with restrictions it's where people end up been forced to be super creative.

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    I've started the second lesson, which involves using the tilt sensors.
    Free Programming doesn't have the sprite design menu yet, so I'm thinking we have to complete all the lessons to unlock everything...
    I also started a thread in the online gaming section for our programmer IDs and any games that we make/find to share.

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    I've finished the second lesson, and made a couple of my own games to solidify what I learned.

    This is absolutely brilliant.

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    This is Dark Souls to Protocol Penguin.

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    @cutmymilk - brutal.

    My son has this and it's been great to see him really getting into it.

    He's made a handful of games and we had a right laugh playing the tag game, which is ridiculously simple, but we were in bits chasing each other around.

    Not sure how motivated he is to do more, but it'd be great if he gets into it.
    He's done some amazing builds in Minecraft, repurposing items to look like something else, so maybe he'll make something with this too.

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    Most of the way through Lesson 3 now - the shmp lesson. I'm hoping "danmaku" mode is the last part...


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