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    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins
    Coming to both gens next year from SquareEnix and Team Ninja comes a spin-off of Final Fantasy that doesn't seem to be a spin-off in any meaningful way. It's an action title and a demo is out now on PS5

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    Well Se patched it and it's working and quite a sizable chunk to play!

    And the trailer made it seem alot worse than it actually plays, graphics and performance aside, it is just FF7r retuned to a more Nioh experience than anything to do with dark souls. You get 2 quick change jobs(of 6 in the demo), 3 bars, unique move, chaos move, changeable MP attacks, super mode and the enemies HP and stagger bars watch over,

    HP, seems you can only heal with potions which are restocked at the not-bonfire or occasionally found in chests.
    MP, it's the Stamina bar which governs what MP moves you unleash and is only refilled by the chaos finisher or trait upgrades for certain jobs
    Chaos shield, the games parry which works on a self recharging bar, causes the enemy to be pushed back, causing some stagger and can be followed up with a rushing standard attack. If the Chaos Shield is used on 'purple' named moves you can absorb it into your arsenal as a unique move with no MP cost but instead a limited number of uses, it's kind of like being mini Blue Mage.

    Enemies all have weakness to certain weapons or magic so changing it is required as they can be quick to eat your HP Bar up if you don't as won't flinch as they swing or cast through your attacks. Not a fan of how the game changes black magic in battle as it takes over your movement controls, should just be the left and right on the d-pad. The super mode which for the swordmans/warrior is lightbringer is definitely required when taking on a large group of 6-8 mobs, didn't get to try out the Lancer/Dragoon version and it seems Mage/Black Mage doesn't get one.

    Menus are all very basic and cluttered, the 'basic system' screen is your equipment menu (equipment is dropped off mobs and in chests), where you can also change which 2 of the 6 jobs you'll be using at anyone time, as well as setting MP special moves to places in the standard combo. The 'Job' screen is the level up tree, you'll find stat upgrades, new MP moves, passive traits and advanced job unlocks.
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