Been getting into Dead By Daylight this last month, a 4 v 1 multiplayer game just celebrating 5 year anniversary. 1 player plays a killer (can be famous killer like Myers or Ghostface) to catch, hook and kill 4 survivors who need to power up 5 generators to escape, all have all sorts of perks to choose from and the killers get unique abilities to change up the gameplay. It is pretty hard to get into as the tutorial doesn't do a good job of prepping you for the live game, but if you can over come that wall and put up with some asshole players (camping/tunnelling killers, bully survivors) there is a good game to get into. No voice comms in game, even with 'SWF' parties (survive with friends, ingame crossplay friend parties) so unless you setup discord, it's silent and gives you perks around viewing what other survivors are up to and only PC players can see and text in the endgame chat menu.

Mainly caught my attention due to the resident evil DLC they just released, Nemesis as a killer (tentacle whip for a slight ranged attack, if it hits a survivor you power up in stages to point of 1 hitting, and zombie helpers), Jill and Leon as survivors with outfits for Re1/3/Claire for Jill and Re2/4/Chris for Leon, and lastly a map based on the police station from 2. Even added a press 'X' title intro similar to the RE games saying 'Resident EVIL'.

Outside the horror film genre, it does have other well know killers/survivors from the likes Silent Hill (Pyramid head) and Stranger Things which fit really well.

below is a taste of MP from the survivor side (i usually do a night of killer, then a night of survivor), luckily went up against killer who whiffed some certain to knock me down hits which made for some exciting chases, which held the killers attention enough to get a bunch of generators done by the other 3 survivors. Survivors get 2 Health bars so 2 hits take you down to a 'dying' state where the Killer and Hook you up, if you get hooked 3 times you're out.

usually cheap on PC, basic package free on gamepass, was given away on PSN awhile ago (where i play it the most), and is out on switch. Small warning the PSN version is only one without cross progression.