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    Is that the case?
    So it might not be very easy to have an NTSC meet-up?

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    Nah it's easy. World passes dont cost much and are valid for 5 users.

    I'm getting all my american friends on my server today. Bahamut

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    I take it that you already have it then Razz?

    Could it be anymore exciting? Hurry Mr Postyman!!

    If any of you need a white mage to heal you on your quests, I'm your girl!

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    I still am not sure about the state of uk players, so if you do manage to get online with it using a US address I would just be thinking at some point they will cancel my account because of this, then I lose the many many hours I put into it.

    It is fustrating since its unlikely to be out in the UK soon or at all.

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    They already know there are a ****load if importers, as they have been around since the JP release.

    Yes, I've been playing since November.

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    Razz - you seem to know more about this than anyone else here so can you explain how best to achieve the following.

    Me and a mate have got the game on order and both copies should arrive next week. Obviously we both want to play on the same server. How do we achieve this? Should he start and I wait until he's got a world pass sorted then once the World Pass is bought, I create my character and use the world pass to start in his world.

    It all sounds needlessly complicated to be honest.

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    Yeah, that's what you'll need to do.

    You either randomly enter the least populated server or world pass to one where your friend is in. This tackles the problem of having some servers having ALOT of players and other servers having practically none. If you were given a server select, would you seriously join a server called "Fairy" ? I think not. You'd probably pick your favourite summon, Bahamut Sounds a tad complicated on paper but it's worked so far.

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    Besides, there's no region encoding on PC games, so it's not as if they are trying to stop people importing...

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    weres the best place to order this from? to get it fast and cheap? what about import tax?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djtickle
    weres the best place to order this from? to get it fast and cheap? what about import tax?
    maybe I order alot from there and usually they are good for speed, although not with DDR Max 2, that was out of stock and took quite some time and they didnt even reply to my email asking about it.

    Go for them on new releases otherwise try somewhere else.

    I have ordered it from and know im likely to get an import fee but still it should be worth it. I dont know if it has shipped yet, I did have it ordered about a month ago.


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