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    RETRO: Played "The Divide: Enemies Within" Metroid

    PSX game, USA made, excellent design, like super metroid in 3d for the PSX

    I personally love it, anyone else played it?
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    what happened to the retro section!?
    why'd it dissapear? not enough posters?

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    Never heard of the game - got any pics? i really like the metroid games

    But removing the retro section - how could they?

    darn forum reshuffling

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    Never heard of it but sounds fantastic if it's like you say. Is it 3D in the same way as Klona on the Playstation is?

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    When Ive told others on another form, I was flamed by people who had bought it for like $3 after hearing my opinions and review. They all said it was not worth $3, and that the frame rate was too choppy, and the game too boring. Not enough action from the start.

    Then again Super Metroid started off slow and eery, so I guess it depends on what you want.

    It is influenced by the metroid series, even the game developers admit it, since they were big fans. heres why its like SM:

    game starts with an elevator sequence
    100 unit energy tanks
    slowly unfolding map
    Meridia music blatantly ripped off in starting level
    very good plot
    upgradeable weapons. (many of which are similar to SM)
    As you gain more items, you can go further in the game

    Those who moaned at me, said its frame rate was too choppy, and hated the lack of auto lock on. Personally I never noticed such problems.

    3D wise, its unlike Klonoa
    Instead its fully 3d, with a set camera that can be panned up or down.
    Think SNES zelda, except you could control what angle height the camera was at. meaning:
    left always = left
    up always = away from camera
    down = towards camera

    I thought the platforming sequences worked very well, the whole 3d platforming thing worked far better than the tomb raider series, due to the set camera, and placed platforms. Once you get the double jump, your virtually invincible.

    Anyway, based on the ammount of angry replies Ive got from disallusioned people, Im gonna say this, I like, and feel it well worth an adition to any PSX players library, but dont moan at me if you pay $3 for it and dont like it.

    hmmm, pics? they probably wont do it justice, and I cant think of where there would be any. Ebay might have some.

    anyway, if you get it, let me know what you think. But play it with an open mind, and without any high hopes. Enjoy it for what it is.
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    Who was the developer/publisher in America? I'm sure it must of come under a different name over here, or more than likely not been released.

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    Found a shot: (only one i could find)

    There seems to be PC version too

    Viacom New Media either developed or published it, but all i can find on google or dead links

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    Never had a Japan or UK release, USA only Im afraid.
    Ive heard rumours about the company, from them going bust, to the offices burning down.

    Who knows?

    Still, kinda enigmatic, and definetly a sleeper hit.

    Vrigin bought the rights to publish, and Im sure a company called radical entertainment was involved somewhere. I dunno, will have to get my copy out of storage to check.

    cheers for the pic, looks like the PC version to me.
    Not too bad, but doesnt do the game any favours.

    If you want it, youll have to import, Ebay usually has a few going sealed.


    Yeah, Radical was the developer.

    The main programmer was a fellow named Ian Verchere, who now works with EA.

    (quote from the dude, submitted by a guy who bought this game off ebay)
    Here's some interesting background on the game you bought via Ebay...

    Viacom New Media exited the publishing business on the day The Divide was set to ship. This left stacks of manufactured PSX disks ready to go to stores, languishing in a warehouse somewhere. Apparently, they where acquired by a liquidator, who subsequently sold them for pennies on the dollar to video stores such as Electronics Boutique and Software Etc. Over the past few years, I have bought copies of both the PSX and PC versions for as little as $1.99.

    It's too bad, because I set out to make 'Super Metroid in 3D,' and believe that we did a good job given the tools and technology we had. Sure, it could be a little faster frame-rate wise, but this was early early 3D.
    (end quote)

    So there you have it.

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    bump, oh, and can AMDIN please move this to RETRO forum please.


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