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Thread: Mojib Ribbon

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    Been playing the game for about an hour and so far I'm simply uber-confused. The main menu takes about 15 minutes to get past, something to do with network options etc. The game itself appears to be split up into about 20 levels, each one being a small song/story section or something.

    The game itself plays alright, I guess. It's not really up there with other 'greats', because in my opinion it's a bit too simple. Okay, so the basic premise seems to be lost on me because I can't speak Japanese, but... ya know.

    Basically, a level is divided into about 8 or so sections, each one appearing to be a sentence of a story. You use the right analogue stick to do thinks. The sentence itself is a circle, and to progress to the next sentence you have to successfully complete the entire circle (which means if you fail you repeat it again, albeit if you've completed some of the words then you don't have to do them again). Small symbols come along once in a while, which signify the beginning of a word. Press down on the right analogue stick, and Mojibri (as I believe he's called) starts to write the word. Let go at the end of the word, and it's that one 'captured'. If you let go too early, the word gets reset, or let go too late and the final letter will be a big smudge. Complete all the words, then press up on the right analogue stick at the end of the sentence to progress to the next.

    It appears to be incredibly simple, and at the moment it's quite boring. Naturally, because the game is telling a story, it's not going to be quite as appealing to non-Japanese speakers. All the same, it has some very nice animation, and here's hoping that it gets a western release. Initial fears were that the actual player inputs were sketching out the Japanese characters, but it's not, so I don't see why there couldn't be an English release.

    Here's hoping, hey

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    Ive deliberately avoided this game due to the language barrier, it just seems far too big to enjoy it. The game seems brilliantly inventive, but without a huge knowledge of japanese, is a pointless purchase IMO.

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    So..... Mojib Ribbon..... What on earth went wrong? I'm all for allowing games developers their creative freedom, and the ability to try new ideas and all that, but this game just doesn't seem to have followed on from vib ribbon very well at all. It sounds very boring, and seemingly a step backwards. Hell, it doesn't even sound that appealing if you *are* Japanese, especially with the disturbing soundtrack and evil character voice mentioned in that review.

    I will say that the graphics in the still screens look absolutely phenominal though.

    Question for ?pint: Strictly from a collector's point of view, is this game a nice item to own? What is the packaging like? What is the manual/disc like? Is it standard PS2 box, or have they tried something fairly unique like the Japanese version of Vib Ribbon? I may yet purchase it purely as a collectable, although it would depend on how much effort has gone into the product as a whole. Just a pity there is no actual entertainment to be had from playing it...

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    The box wasnt particularly different in terms of content, but the boxart and manuel were very nice, as would be expected with a game like this. I had a quick look at this before sending it on, and to be honest I had no clue at all what was going on. I captured a little video of it which may possibly be at - I cant confirm that as the main site is firewalled where I work.

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    Cheers, that video link is working.

    Still can't get over how incredibly simple this game is compared to Vib Ribbon. Think I'll be giving it a miss, just can't justify purchasing it at full price. Hopefully there might be some going cheap in a couple of months time...

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    Vaipon needs to get Vib-Ribbon played with Come To Daddy playing.

    Vaipon would love to test his l33t skillz on i.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadruharazzeb
    Vaipon needs to get Vib-Ribbon played with Come To Daddy playing.

    Vaipon would love to test his l33t skillz on i.

    That session with the Prodigy playing was hard enough. Aphex Twin would kill me, and I don't think a dual-shock is physically up to the job either.


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