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Thread: Counterstrike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burai
    Are you sure those two voices in your head aren't called "tiresome" and "tosspot" (in that order)?
    Jesus... The personal insults now...

    It's a good job I'm a bigger man than you, or else I'd have to resort to calling you names like "Delusional", "****-Faced", "****-Bag". In that hypothetical order.

    Thankfully, cos I'm a nice guy, I won't lower myself to that. I'll just live with your irrational hatred and Steve Pemberton lookalikeary.

    Good day.
    The day you go back to being a bigger man (and a nice guy) is when the whole forum breathes a sigh of relief, but I don't hate you, I just think you're a tiresome trolling knob at the moment, that is all .

    Love and Kisses
    Steve Pemberton


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    I agree, once agian, with Shimmy 100%. I'm not a PC whore (I plan to get Deus Ex 2 for Xbox instead of PC in fact, because I'm worried my dx9 capabilities aren't up to scratch) HOWEVER, however, this is not Xbox-hating, or PC-whoring. This is calling a bad game a bad game, and I think any slight outburst here is down to all the favourable first impressions posted on the first page of this thread.

    Bottom line, I think, is if you've been in a CS clan for fifty years, have 'tab' bound to +stopsound as well as scorecard, and have a multi-coloured crosshair don't go anywhere near this steaming turd, leave it to the n00bish nubz.
    If, on the other hand, you've no idea why there's no 'o' in Cbble, think a Mac10 is something you order from McDonald's, or haven't spotted me in the Dust2 easter egg , buy this for your Xbox and play it to your heart's content and don't worry about the 1337 hax0rs who hate all consoles ever.

    PS. How long before some gits manage to mod a keyb&m to play this with? :P

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    Well after several hours of play-testing 6 out of 10. (Offline)
    I'm sure probably a couple higher for LIVE!.

    Has moments that really get the heart going but a few niggles. Bots on the hard settings however, just never seem to miss, always seem to know where you are etc etc. In a lot of games the multiplayer aspect seems like an after thought bolted on to the finished single player game. This has got it all backwards, the single player has been bolted on.

    I know CS is an online game but an Xbox conversion really needed a stronger single player game. I'm guessing the average joe on the street doesn?t have BB, can't get it (note to myself must move!) or just can't see the attraction. All they needed was a story mode or something to play through. As said earlier it really is a training mode for LIVE! play.

    Although an enjoyable game if you're going to buy it I reckon leave it till after Xmas and pick it up cheap from the Used Bin.

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    deleted my post as it dont actually have the game yet so not keeping in line with the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alf-Life
    ...have 'tab' bound to +stopsound as well as scorecard...
    Heh, I bound that about a week ago. funny

    Personaly I don't really care about this game, nothing will beat the PC version unless somehow you can configure a virtual reality machine to the xbox controls and someone gives me a virtual reality machine. Only came here to read what Burai is saying but if people wanna pay ?35 for it then that's there own problem, I know I'd pay ?35 for something I knew I'd get alot of enjoyment out of and if that's what they get then good for them.

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    Im surprised by what Ive read here, I cant say Ive paid any attention to the thread until now as Ive no interest in Counterstrike, but if anyone does see threads like this then please inform me or a moderator in case we havent noticed it. Theres no point in closing the thread seeing as how Burai is unfortunatly no longer posting here, which is half of this arguement taken out of the equation straight away.

    Perhaps we can go back to discussing the game minus the insults and squabbling instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam
    Quote Originally Posted by Alf-Life
    ...have 'tab' bound to +stopsound as well as scorecard...
    Heh, I bound that about a week ago. funny
    Yeah, it's really useful for Aztec and stuff where those blummin' crickets are looped. :P Oh, and I forgot "bind 'timeleft' to tab", too.

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    I think you have to look at xbox counterstrike in the sphere of console online gaming. XBL has suffered with some top class online fps unable to handle more than 8 players without going to lag hell on everyone. It is the first xbox fps to really alow big numbers in any one game. XBl was begining to look silly with a slew of quality fps that couldnt handle enough players. Whereas the ps2's only quality online combat game, socom, is nearly guaranteed 16 player matches with no hassle. Thats the point for me. Xbox counter strike shouldnt be put against the pc version. It fails on nearly all accounts. However against its main rival, socom, theres some good competition. Console online gaming is a good few years behind its pc equivalent and i think this reflects that
    I too loved the PC version of counterstrike and in many ways xbox counterstrike is not a patch on it. However it still retains the core elements of what made the game fun.

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    Actually, that pretty much sums it up perfectly.


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