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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilMcRae
    I'm reading the forum at the moment
    Another classic.

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    Last read:

    Terminator 2: Future War

    Now Reading:

    Dark Tower Volume II: The Drawing Of The Three

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    Just finished:
    Veronika Decides to Die by Paolo Coelho

    Next Up:
    John Grisham book, cant remember which one I got though

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    I would just like to say animal farm is the most amazing book i've ever read.

    The end is truly devestatiing, made me cry...

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    I just finished reading The Naked God by Peter F. Hamilton which was the final part of his Night's Dawn trilogy. I thought all 3 books were fantastic, a really epic sci-fi space-opera. I think I'm going to read The Elegant Universe next, which is apparently a very good introduction to String theory.

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    LotR: Fellowship of the Ring.

    Just reached Book 2 Chapter 1.

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    I've just finished reading "The Treatment," by Mo Hader, a pretty good crime novel I thought, it's a sequel, [in as much as it has most of the same characters], to Birdman.
    Just about to start on Clive Barkers Cold Heart Canyon, which I've had in hardback for about 12 months but have never got around to starting...

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    Reading through "His dark Materials" trilogy again and the Chronicals of Narnia again as I've decided to compare two of the titles for my english coursework. Yay no more bloody war books

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkangel
    Quote Originally Posted by bowser123
    Now reading Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy. It's the edition that has the trilogy in 5 parts in one volume. Up to the middle of the second book, Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. Really enjoying it, its extremely funny in places.

    Me too!!!
    And me too! 8)


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