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    Now reading Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy. It's the edition that has the trilogy in 5 parts in one volume. Up to the middle of the second book, Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. Really enjoying it, its extremely funny in places.

    Me too!!!
    And me too! 8)
    It's because it's officially the 4th best book in the world.
    Well according to the BBC's big read it is.
    Must say that Marvin the depressed robot is possibly the greatest character ever. He rocks.
    And the bit with the two rockets that transform was superb...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmie2k
    Just about to start on Clive Barkers Cold Heart Canyon, which I've had in hardback for about 12 months but have never got around to starting...
    It's not too bad, but I didn't like it as much as I did Imagica or the Books Of The Art. Cold Heart is a more personal story than those, though, so your enjoyment of it will depend on how much you like that sort of horror tale. If you prefer his more sprawling and mind-****ing books, then that one ain't it. Still, I liked it well enough.

    Oh, and it is where I first learned Clive was gay.

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    I need to start reading the Discworld novels again?

    For some reason I can never just read one book at a time, I need a good 2 or 3 going, somethimes 4. Recently I have read An Universe In a Nutshell by Stephen Hawkins... what a beautiful mind he has? and a few others similar. I forget their exact titles?

    Currently I am reading only philosophical books. The Dark Places of Wisdom is one that I picked up by chance and feel I have found something very special indeed. It is all about a lost civilization and things I often think about? a meaningless inside us? how the present day seems to focus on the hollowness of the artificial world etc... what causes it, why we need to re-gain an understanding of a lost past. Very deep, very interesting. I am also reading Glimpsing the Face of God by Alister McGrath , Beginners guide to Philosophy by Mel Thompson , and Philosophy Of Religion by Peter Cole.

    Concerning Novel/fictional type books?. I need to get into another soon. I have brought my Dad the new James Herbert hardback book for Xmas, so I shall probably try to read that after him (my fav JH being The Dark) Also, I really do need to get back into the Discworld Novels. I love them to pieces, own them all, just kinda stopped reading them for some reason. I went through a stage where they were all I would read too?. Hm?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkAttack
    The Pillars of Creation - 7th book in Sword of Truth series. Someone else must have read these. ****ing ace.
    Good work lad. I enjoyed PoC, despite it being a sub-tale in ways. However, you'll probably find that the 8th book is disappointing... it seems like a pointless subtale almost.


    Debt of bones is good too... I read it in an hour and then immediately read it again .

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    I'm just finishing Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything which I've really enjoyed. If you've got an interest in science then there's not much in there that you probably don't know - but where it really works is in the many anecdotes about the people involved in finding things out.

    Next up I've got Quicksilver to read which has already been mentioned in this thread.

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    currently reading Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb - part 3 of the Liveship trilogy - very enjoyable series indeed

    after that i am going to start the tawny man series - also by Robin Hobb. its a sequel trilogy (of sorts) for the farseer assassin books

    but for me 2004 is looking to be a good reading year (especially the first half) - i have further books by George RR Martin and Steven Erikson to look forward to - just need to reread the books in their franchises to get upto speed before their new books release


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    Recently finished "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins and am now reading Zen and the art of motorcycle mainatnence


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    I haven't read a book for ages... I've had The Eclipse of the Century by Jan Mark sat next to my bed for the best part of 6 months. Think I might finally get started on it over Christmas if I get the time.

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    I am in ned of some new reading material, so at the moment I am re-reading Mr Nice by Howard Marks. It's a good read and is well written, some of the deals are a little baffling though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nips
    That is heavy reading! I'm slowly getting through it though!
    That was the second to last book I finished. It is well worth getting through (Beevor must have a PhD in writing textbook prose, nearly gave up once or twice!). Really makes you wonder which of Stalin and Hitler was the most evil. And also how ultimately futile war is.

    The book I've just finished is stupendously recommended - "Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell". Orwell's got an excellent writing style which is easy to read but what he writes about is powerful enough to keep you thinking when you're not reading the book.


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