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Thread: Gunrock

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    Bought a nice shiny 19" monitor from him. A few troubles with parcel force, but he chased it up and got it sorted right and pronto and kept me informed. Pleasure doing business!!!

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    Just sold a Nintendo DS game to Gunrock. Paid instantly via Paypal, and is a pleasure to email/deal with.


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    Sold a DS game to gunrock, prompt payment and nice comms.
    Top chap

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    Gunrock bought Killer 7 off me. Good PM's and fast payment. Excellent stuff.

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    sold a cable to gunrock. quick payment and friendly comms


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    just brought GC Metroid from me. nice chap!

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    Bought a VDigi VGA transcoder from gunrock, paid 3 working days ago by paypal and today I got the parcel delivered to me here in Finland. Could not be more pleased with the service
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    I just bought Hotel Dusk off Mr. Gunrock. Nice bloke, game arrived the next day in mint condition. Top stuff

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    Bought Ghost Squad and Wario for Wii off Gunrock. Faster then light delivery and games in immaculate condition. Perfect NTSC trader


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