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    That's a good idea actually, 'cos then it becomes master of the start/gears, maybe... although, I could imagine the same applying with TCS on? I wasn't gonna bother too much about the drag race though

    Is it possible to get a code, even though the replay is saved? Doesn't seem to good in the ghost/lap time department, which is a little annoying (example: I could go into records in SR2 and still see the TT code, submitted to the rankings)

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    Yeah, there doesn't seem to be a "records" area. The only way I can see to find the best laptime is to actually start a new TT and check the onscreen display. I've been writing my codes down. Is this futile? Will we ever get a US board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr
    I think we'll have to make a rule for the drag that it's traction control off, otherwise won't all the times be the same?

    Time to break out the corvette methinks...
    Fair point, but reaction time at the start is also obviously very important. I think we should be able to use AT or MT whichever you prefer but I will state on leaderboeard that TCS must be FULLY OFF and remove the old records.

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    Ragrding best times/codes, like you say Namco seem to have overlooked a lot of things on the time trial side of the game, no saveable ghosts, no records page etc.

    The only way to find a lap record is to start a new TT on the particular track - however if you have done all tracks in the Bentley that will inevitably be the best time, and when doing TT the game only displays your record for that track and the last lap time. So I write down my time after every lap if it's an improvement. Pain pausing and unpausing

    And Charlesr I waited months for Namco to do a US/UK Moto GP3 leaderboard and they only ever did a JPN one, it looks virtually the same as the RRE one, link here if you want to take a look

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    Well, at least after doing a TT (record broken or not), it does give a breakdown of the sector times so it isn't too bad. It just seems a ltitle poor overall.

    I might post some times on the ranking to see how it all works overall, seems like a good way to play. Only I need to at least beat/match my fastest time overall

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    I think you can get a code for any time, don't you just press Start on one of the summary screens ? forgot exctly when, it's been a couple of weeks since I did it, you should submit your Oval time, you would get into the top 20 with a Prototype time last time I checked.

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    Yea, you just have to whack start on the summary screen although that isn't possible with just the replay I shall fully mod (still haven't done it... lol) the Bently later and submit something

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    You should, costs 1.4million in total to fully upgrade but it is worth it, you should then get into the top 12 easily with anything under 29 seconds

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    I'm loving this with the wheel. Unfortunately I spent all my money on the Skyline, so at the moment I'm just practicing the tracks with that. The ghost car is a bit dark at times though, so on some laps I'm using the force to figure out when to brake.

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    you need to try Challenge 7 in the Event Omnibus Vs Mode, 100,000 RP's for a 14 second race win


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