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    Robert Fielding aka Geekwiglasses aka Terry Bogard aka Sputnick aka TheShowstoppa aka Zackarou, Mansfield in Nottinghamshire

    Update Also using the name Robert Price and address in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, NG17 asking for cheques to be written to his "Mum" MRS M J POULTON.

    Owes one member ?230 for a psp bundle, owes another member for puyo puyo fever on the psp.

    Failed to respond to any pms or emails.

    Permanently banned, all further accounts to be banned.
    Last edited by MartyG; 10-12-2006 at 11:25 AM.

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    Luke Pearce aka Leadgrinder aka Darth Poodle from Chesterfield,Derbyshire

    Banned from trading due to bad trades, decided to try rejoining under new nick to continue trading

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    Gamertag: o Robster o
    Chris Gallagher aka Chrisgamer aka billythebadger

    Received payment for item and item never recieved at buyer, buyer unable to contact seller at all.

    Failed to repsond to pm's after sale.
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    Sam Sinclair aka S3xySamus

    Received payment for item and item never recieved by buyer, unable to contact seller at all.

    Failed to repsond to pm's and email's after sale.

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    Ben Carron aka Ouenben aka Ben_nintendo, Aberdeenshire (may use N. & K. Carron to trade also) also discovered he was trading under the nick Oblivion_is_here - also now removed from trading access.

    Failed to dispatch an item that`s been paid for, and despite a number of pm`s has still to do so.
    Last edited by MartyG; 22-08-2006 at 03:43 PM.

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    Received payment for items from various buyers, but items never sent. Unable to contact seller via PM or email. Do not deal with.
    Last edited by VR46; 29-12-2005 at 11:45 AM.

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    _paul_ aka paul beirne (or possibly jpred88)

    Received payment from various members but didn't send and has not been online for a while.

    edit - all known issues resolved now, but took 4 months, so trade access still revoked.
    Last edited by charlesr; 06-04-2006 at 06:52 PM.

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    VonManc aka Rob Davis aka pgatfield
    Never sent items. Refused to reply to PMs from members.

    Paul Gatfield aka NemesisX
    Lives in Manchester, UK. Currently owes at least three people items which have been paid for but never sent out, despite numerous attempts at contacting him.
    Last edited by John Beaulieu; 17-02-2006 at 06:00 PM.

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    himrules aka:
    ryan lander
    newton abbot

    Tried to sell 360. Said he was off to Africa at the weekend so need quick sale, but isps resolve to UK still. Said he was banned from ebay so has no feedback.
    Refused to reply to PMs about trades after being sent item.

    Turns out he scammed a number of people over on avforums and has refunded people over there after being threatened with police action. Didn't seem to stop him signing up here and carrying on though. ft:
    Last edited by charlesr; 01-03-2006 at 01:36 PM.

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    Advertised both a Black and a White PSP for sale, numerous people appear to have bought the same item and needless to say have not received anything.

    Now will not reply to PM's/emails.



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