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    Neo Zeed aka bluerose1978 aka RYNEX GOLD

    Name : Angelo D Takis
    Address : Surrey

    Various issues with this guy. Now banned. Attitude stinks.
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    Suddenly disappeared off the forum on 11th March with some trades outstanding - not sure if something happened to him or not, so is in here until proved otherwise.

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    Sold the same PSP game to at least two people, neither person received it, now refusing to answer PM's and emails.


    Update 28/5/06 - above disputes sorted, removed from list.
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    Update 16/6/06 - some disputes solved, but he has two remaining deals where no goods or refunds have been received.

    Do Not Trade with.

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    Washbrook1860 real name Joe Bloomfield, of London NW3

    Has three unresolved sales, been paid for all of them, but goods never received.

    Do not deal with.
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    Real name possibly Jamie West, took payment via paypal for two different 360 games from different members, no goods ever received, and he's cleared his paypal account so no refunds obtained.

    Do not deal with.

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    Received a number of items from a seller before sending payment, upon receipt decided himself that the goods weren't as described, under-paid the seller by over ?20. Full story here

    Do not deal with.

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    eskimo / jackpot / GirlAtDaRockShow19

    All the same person trying to sell all the same kit, both here and at rllmuk. Based in Isle of Wight perhaps.

    Also tried buying items only paying half and asking for it to be sent anyway.

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    Received payment for a number of N64 games by bank transfer, many weeks later no games received, failed to rectify the situation as promised. More details here

    Do not deal with.

    EDIT: Goods finally received w/c 14th August.
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    Gamertag: o Robster o
    Innes - real name Andrew Innes, Kent DA3

    Sold items , never posted them and not replying to pm's & emails although he has already recieved payment.


    Traders access removed.
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