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    Killer 7
    Failed to send goods Atari Jag & Jet Set Radio Pashislot!

    Supposedly called Andy. Used "father's" paypal account.
    All details appear to be fake though.
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    Trade unfinished and although tells everyone he is going to sort it, will not respond to traders emails. Trade access removed. Avoid.

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    Big Seany (Sean Smith)

    Various unresolved trades. Trade access removed. Avoid.

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    dotoko - received £50 of funds but did not send goods or repsond to anyone's PMs.

    Address information freely available on the internet:
    55 Royd Street
    West Yorkshire
    HD3 4RB
    United Kingdom

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    AngelsInFlight has bad feedback. Avoid. I'll update with more detail when I get it.

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    Several bad trades on here and on eBay. - Contact mods if you have or need any info.
    Trade and site access removed.
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    Yet another alt account for the member above. Both user names now permabanned. If you have been approached by or are in the process of dealing with UKgamer we advise you stop.

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